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Android Users Can Now Get YouTube’s Dark Mode


YouTube confirmed back in March this year that it would release a dark mode for its mobile apps. The mode was actually released first for the iOS app even though many would have expected it to arrive for the Android version first.

Last night, users on Reddit started reporting that the dark theme was being automatically applied to their mobile apps. Those who saw the change were also served with a pop-up informing them about the switch and the option to revert to the light theme. After 4 months, the company has decided to roll-out out the new feature to all Android devices.

Like dark mode for iOS and the web version of YouTube, the Android version allows you to change the white backdrop into a dark colour and select their profile header. The dark UI is especially helpful during the night time as it reduces eye piercing glare, thus helping to prevent strain on your eyes while watching videos.

The dark mode comes with a toggle that allows you to switch it off. As such there are no additional changes in terms of design. However, when you apply the new theme, the user interface becomes darker. The colour isn’t really black but it is more like a dark gray. Let’s have a look at that.

This is not only latest feature YouTube has introduced to the platform. It recently started letting creators add hashtags in video titles and description to improve searchability. It is also testing a new Explore tab on iOS devices, which will replace the Trending section on the platform.

However, I find dark mode to be useful even in regular lighting. I just prefer the looks of it over the white and it helps a bit with battery life. We think more app developers need to include a dark mode option in their apps.

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