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YouTube Is Starting Its TV Service With About 44 Channels For $35 A Month


Fresh off the 1 billion hours daily views on its site, YouTube has now wants to sell you TV for $35/15,000 Naira a month. Called YouTube TV, it launches with channels like Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC along with whatever it is you enjoy watching on YouTube using its standard license for all.

Now being a Google company, this service comes with perks like unlimited DVR storage in the cloud which means you can record all your favourite programs and save them in the cloud without having to delete because of storage space at any given time. For the $35 monthly charge, you and five other people can simply choose from the over 44 live TV channels they are launching with at any time and this according to the YouTube announcement means that “Every YouTube TV membership comes with six accounts, each with its own unique recommendations and personal DVR with no storage limits. You can watch up to three concurrent streams at a time”. There’s also the additional perk of watching all original series among other content that YouTube Red offers.

YouTube TV starting channels

                                                               YouTube TV starting channels

Unlike what some of its competitors like At&T’s DirecTV offer though, you can’t watch an older episode of your favourite show but they can argue saying that’s you get the DVR (digital video recorder) when you set up.

With Google now in the live TV game, this could change a lot of things like storage which is something others don’t offer just yet but on the other side of it, YouTube TV is starting with far less channels than others.

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