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Twitter Will Now Allow You Mute Even More Specific Words Including Usernames From Your Timeline


Less than a month since Twitter announced measures to combat abuse on its site, it’s coming up with even more ways to help you personalise the Twitter experience without having to see stuff in your timeline from some people. Twitter is taking the following actions according to its announcement today;

  • Allow users mute specific words including user names from your timeline for an amount of time that ranges from a day to indefinitely
  • Allowing users mute what is known as “eggs” and this refers to accounts that still use the default egg profile image. 



                                         You’ll be able to mute from your home timeline and you can decide how long this content is muted


    Some of these accounts may have not even confirmed email addresses or phone numbers and now that Twitter will let you see such accounts, you can mute from your timeline.

  • As one of the measures announced less than a month ago, Twitter will work harder using intelligent tools to identify abusive accounts even if they haven’t been reported by anyone.
  • Twitter will also now tell you if it is taking actions on such abusive accounts whether you reported them or not in a move that looks more like a public relations (PR) one.

Twitter has been at the centre of abuse allegations and some even say the company has done little to combat the trend but announcing measures twice in less than a month to combat the trend could be pacify some and may restore confidence in the site to others.

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