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6 Benefits Of Working In An Agile Organization


The term agile is no longer limited to software development. It has evolved to include an organizational mindset that is driven towards improving customer satisfaction and employees’ productivity. An agile methodology is a disciplined approach towards running your company in a dedicated manner.

Therefore, numerous organizations, big and small, are adopting business agility entirely or just for project and sales management. According to a research, almost 71% of the companies are using the agile approach partially or completely.  Moreover, the increased permeation of the agile principles in the work culture can be due to the statistics that state that agile projects are 28% more successful as compared to the traditional ones.

Here are six advantages of working in an organization that is inclined towards agility:

Increased interactions

The agile principle is dedicated towards constant communication between the entire software development team to create high-quality software. The model promotes people and cooperation instead of products and tools.

Similarly, in an agile organization, the employees are encouraged to interact frequently to acquire more feedback and improve the internal working of the team. There is a sense of understanding and comradery amongst the workforce that is only possible through the smooth flow of communication. Working in a healthy, friendly environment is always better and more productive as compared to toxic company culture.

Moreover, in an agile organization, people trust and respect each other and have confidence in their colleagues’ competence. This relationship is beneficial and integral, especially among the leaders of a company and their staff.    

Customer collaboration

In the Waterfall system, the clients are only included in the initial phases to procure the understanding of the final product. Conversely, the agile methodology works to satisfy the clients through the rapid and continuous delivery of valuable software. For this, the team incurs constant feedback from the customers and keeps them appropriately engaged through sales automation software throughout the developmental stage.

When you incorporate clients’ demands in your products and services, you can increase customer retention and the overall productivity of the company. An effective pipeline management template can allow you to keep the clients in the loop and happy for a long time.

Furthermore, if your company keeps growing and releasing innovative features incrementally, it will continue to impress the customers and acquire new consumers. A prosperous, growing organization means better opportunities for growth and promotion for the employees.       

Team motivation

An agile organization is geared towards employee motivation and appreciation. Performance of every individual is analyzed by the quality of the product or service they deliver instead of his or her position in the organizational hierarchy. The reward system is based on the effectiveness and proficiency of the application of the essential skill as opposed to the mere possession of the expertise.

When companies do not scrutinize the employees during the development phase, the staff is not afraid to make mistakes. They are motivated towards excelling and contributing to the best of their abilities to acquire remarkable results.   

Moreover, the agile environment allows flexibility and freedom for the employees to improvise on their own instead of getting approval from the team leaders before commencing every stage. This also increases the confidence level as they have control over how they achieve the goals.

Improved productivity

Agile work culture results in improved employee productivity. This is because in agile organizations do not simply hand a job to do. They instill a sense of purpose amongst the workforce that is in accordance with the company’s mission statement. When the leaders motivate the employees to adopt the motto of the organization, they consequently pave the way to increase productivity.    

When the entire team is aligned around a similar vision and moving towards a unified goal, instead of working individually or on varied projects, the outcome is far more prosperous and productive.

Adaptability to change

The agile methodology is an iterative process that is adaptable to the changing requirements, even if they materialized at the end of the stage.

Similarly, an agile organization is quickly adaptable to changes and, thus, not afraid of failure. If a system, process or product fails to deliver according to its specification, the company can quickly recover from the obstacle and does not let a setback deviate them from the intended course.

Furthermore, the employees are also allowed to fail occasionally without having to suffer significant consequences. This boosts their confidence levels and promotes creativity.

Competitive edge

Just as agile software development is not so widespread, the inclusion of agile principles in an organization is also relatively new. If your company is already on the bandwagon, it has a massive competitive edge over other businesses in your niche. While other companies are busy preparing, planning and perfecting the system, you can already be using the methodology to leverage your business over others.

In addition, when the employees operate in a healthy work culture where they are motivated to excel and allowed to make mistakes, they are more loyal to the organization. Consequently, a dependable, driven workforce ultimately bodes well for any company.  


Incorporation of agile methodologies in an organization leads to workplace advancements. It promotes a productive work environment where the leaders give the same precedence to the employees as the customers and stimulated to perform better. The consumer base is also a crucial variable for the company, kept into consideration when making important decisions. 

About the Author:

Alma Causey is a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health related issues. Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover.

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