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Best Ways And Strategies To Use Instagram For Growing Business


Within few months, you can actually grow your Instagram followers to a whopping number, more than what you have imagined! IG is definitely a game changer for all and will unlock the true potential.  It helped multiple business owners get their own financial freedom and turned a small firm into a bigger enterprise within a blink of an eye.

Instagram – your savior:

If you ever ask any business owner, whether big or small, about the role IG played in their business life, they will have only one thing to say – wow! Just investing not more than a year can truly emphasize the beauty and value of this social media app. There are so many other options like Facebook, Twitter and more, but nothing quite like IG and its best services. Just think about the kind of attention you want for your business, and everything will work big way for you.

A perfect place for Graphic Designers:

Sometimes, even some major graphic designers will turn towards Instagram for their business growth.  Graphic designing is one proven platform, known to have the best and hardcore competition lately. Every now and then, you will come across new names under the graphic designing belt, and all of them claim to offer finest possible logo or brochure designing help. It becomes hard for the general public to settle for the right name. That’s when Instagram comes to the rescue.

Graphic designers with their business on IG will get more value and customers when compared to the ones not using this social media app. The reputed names in the market will have a huge sum of followers on Instagram. This is one way for the potential buyers to catch up with the best graphic designer among the lot. So, if you are into industry of graphic designing, focusing on Instagram help will work big time for you. Even the developers from Gramblast will have a soft corner for this social media app.

Why Instagram of all other social media sites?

Within the last couple of years, there have been so many social media sites and apps taking their first initial steps in the market, but none grew so much like Instagram. Right form the inception few years back till now, IG has a massive active user base. It has over 800 million monthly active users, which is way more than what you can ask for. So, if your business is not in Instagram, you are missing out on lot.

Organic reach is now doubt possible now and can prove to be quite massive for you as well. If you are planning to get engaged with customers, create a strong audience base and insert personality into business, you might get right into it. There are some reasons to grow business through IG. Let’s get started!

  • You have to be clear about brand and create content that your customers will love:

 Most of the bloggers will create contents, which are perfect hybrid of know-how of businesses, personal experiences and some of the motivational services. Readers are currently in love with the actionable strategies, which are well mixed with some personal anecdotes. Well, your IG page will reflect this same notion to the core.

Your business might have a steady mix of motivational quotes, business advices and personal foolishness which will resonate well with tribe. So, now it is time for you to figure out what customers actually want to see. Do they have any particular style or theme to resonate? Once you are sure of the steps to work, you can popular account with quotes, images and promotion, tying into business.

  • Posting images to attract people’s attention and forcing them to share:

Now you might be wondering how you can procure active audience engagement. Well, it is rather simple! The key over here is to ensure that you are offering both greater value and design. Always remember that a picture is worth thousands words. So, it is absolutely necessary that you are selecting the right image for it.

There are some apps available like Typorama and WordSwag, designed for creating all kinds of posts. There is no need for any extensive designers as these tools can often make the stuff look amazingly professional, without charging a single penny from your pocket for sure. If that’s not enough, the tool is also quite easy for you to use.

  • Make sure to use some stronger CTA in images bio and comments:

There are so many companies, all willing to post on Instagram. But, for most of them, they never end up telling people where to visit or what they need to do. Therefore, it is time to take hold of the bio section in your profile by using that stronger “call to action” to help direct viewers to sales page. Here, you have a restriction of 150 characters. Therefore, a small, descriptive, funny and snappy CTA will work great in this regard.

In case your business is into selling physical goods, then you got to post pictures of those items on your IG page. But, you have to do a lot more than that. You have to take hold of the comment section, where you can tell people about their next steps. As you don’t have enough space in profile bio so start utilizing the comment section liberally. In case you are selling items on your personal website, don’t forget to mention that. Not only that but you have to direct them to visit our website’s link and make a purchase. Moreover, you have to ensure that proper use of images can help drive up engagement. For that, tools are available to make the task rather easier than before. Even a first grader can work on that with ease.

Be active:

You always have to be active on your IG business account. Instagram is all about volume game. So a stagnant page is the unlikely one to gain any attention. If you don’t have time to channelize your IG account, you can ask project managers to work on that for you.

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