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Want To Learn More About AI? Here Are 5 Books To Predict the Impact of AI


Books are a great way to learn.

Whatever the topic, you can always find a book someone has written on it. So naturally, books on artificial intelligence and big data can be a useful introduction into the topic.

Now I don’t want you to panic here, I’m not talking about scary textbooks written for incredibly technical people. Though if that’s your thing, excellent!

I’m talking about books written by people working with big data for people who are interested in the topic.

These are the kind of books on artificial intelligence you can read to help you understand the concepts behind the technology. They are the kind of books you read for fun, and so you can sound smart while out with your friends!

So here we go, 5 books on artificial intelligence everyone can enjoy!

  1. Everybody Lies

Everybody lies is an excellent book for any data enthusiast. In fact, it’s an excellent book for anyone interested in human behavior. In the book, the author uses Google search query data to make predictions and explain real-world events.

A great storyteller, the author Stephen will take you on an often surprising journey revealing the true nature of humanity.

It’s a great book to whet your appetite for big data analysis.

2. Homo Deus

Everyone I know is raving about Homo Deus.

From the critically acclaimed author behind Sapiens, Home Deus dives into our future. Making predictions about where humanity will go and the impact of technology, the book is a great read for techies. If you are interested in looking at how AI will impact us, Homo Deus is a must read.

3. The Fourth Industrial Revolution

In this book, the impact of technology on the economy is outlined by the chairman of the World Economic Forum.

The book is an excellent read for people already interested in tech and an eye-opener for any disbelievers that may remain out there.

You can also find it in audiobook form.

4. The Asimov Robot Series

Innovations in technology often happen first in fiction. This is where the inventors of the future are first inspired to create something new.

The Asimov Robot Series is an example of a set of books exploring different ideas linked to life with robots. Written in the 1980s, the stories examine how humans relationship with robots could develop.

Today as we are starting to see more and more domestic robots using AI, it’s interesting to look back to this series and see things come to life.

5. How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed

What is it that makes us human? I think most of us would agree with a big part of what makes us human is our ability to think in a human-like way.

So as we continue to develop artificial intelligence, how will our understanding of thought influence the technology?

In this book, the thought process is reverse engineered and the potential to incorporate this into a machine explored.

Which will you read first?

So there you have 5 books you should read to understand the potential impact of AI on the future.

We will be forced to ask some very challenging questions of ourselves as we continue to develop the technology.

These books, and taking in the thoughts of others, will help us find the right path.

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