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Apple & Quanta Face Ransomware Extortion, A $50 Million Ransom Charge


…Apple is graced till May 1st to settle the deal or risk losing sensitive information.

Apple is yet to respond to saving Quanta from its sins. The Taiwanese gadget manufacturer suffered a data breach and lost Apple’s data while the perpetrators demanded a 50-million-dollar ransomware — either Quanta or the iPhone maker is expected to dance to the hacker’s tune.

The hackers stole Apple’s collection of engineering and the manufacturing schema of the iPhone maker’s current and future gadgets from Quanta — the Taiwanese company responsible for manufacturing Apple’s gadgets, such as MacBooks, iPads, etc.

According to The Record that brought the world’s attention to notice Quanta and Apple’s latest data breach, this publication reveals the Russian group of hackers that violated these tech companies’ privacy as professionals. The Russian group can either be called Sodinokibi or REvil — still, they are popularly known as REvil.

Before the previous Apple Spring Loaded event, REvil seems to have already infiltrated Quanta, while the group leaked few images related to Apple’s event on April 20th — this hacker posted these pictures because Quanta regarded their threat as a bluff.

Meanwhile, Apple is currently aware of Quanta’s incompetence to lose confidential documents whereas REvil alerted Apple to pay up the 50-million-dollar ransom in exchange for the stolen data. Apple is graced till May 1st to settle the deal or the group of hackers will heed to their threat, leaking more images until they get their ransomware.

“Quanta Computer’s information security team has worked with external IT experts in response to cyberattacks on a small number of Quanta servers.” Quanta confirmed their recent data breach while“there’s no material impact on the company’s business operation as a result of the hack,” Bloomberg writes.

REvil, the Russian group is commonly called Sodinokibi in its motherland — has developed quite a historical portfolio of similar hacks on several tech companies overtime — Acer can relate to the amount of trouble the Russian’s have caused their organization. Due to the virtuous connection Apple has with Quanta — reveals their latest cyber hit as their biggest score — they threatened to reveal the untold Apple’s hardware.

Neither Quanta nor Apple has disclosed how legit these leaked documents are or the repercussions that are likely to affect their business operations — REvil already released schematics of the latest Apple’s iMac device that has not been seen by any other person but Quanta and the iMac maker. This fact proves the document is genuinely repossessed by Sodinokibi.

The hackers also added a brief captioned warning that states the leaked documents “is the property of Apple and it must be returned” — it worth noting that REvil is willing to return what they stole for a price, indicating that these schematics are not to be published, reproduced or copied by others likely to impersonate REvil’s recent hit.

The hackers also revealed sketchy designs by Apple on its previous released MacBook Air refresh powered by Apple’s M1 chip — Apple is likely to refresh other laptop models. Nonetheless, REvil aims to extort these tech companies with stolen data, we find it morally bad to further publish in-depth content concerning the leaked data.

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