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Atari Has Collaborated With Decentral Games To Launch A Crypto Casino


This is really the year of cryptocurrency integration. Since the beginning of the year firms have begun to embrace cryptocurrency and associate with it. Tesla, for example, invested the sum of $1.5 billion  in Bitcoin and said the company would start accepting the cryptocurrency as a means of payment soon America’s oldest bank; BNY Mellon also started trading cryptocurrency for its clients last month. Payment platforms like MasterCard also started trading cryptocurrency on its platform last month.

Video game company; Atari has collaborated with Decentral Games to launch Atari’s Crypto Casino. The platform will be an online casino platform and will allow players to play the available games using cryptocurrency.

Although not a casino gaming platform, Atari’s move to accept cryptocurrency is similar to Apple’s move to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment via it’s Apple Pay and on Android via Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

According to Atari, the new crypto casino will launch in May this year. This partnership between Atari Games and Decentral Games promises to be a profitable investment because of the way cryptocurrency is dominating every industry right now.

Decentral Game is the pioneer community-owned metaverse casino gaming platform and gives players a 3D gaming experience that has been proved as fair via the Ethereum-based virtual reality platform Decentraland. Decentral Games’ partnership with Atari will take on new strategies and provide only the best for its prospective players.

Owners of the original DG tokens and the Decentral gaming community will benefit greatly from the imminent Atari Crypto Casino. About 88% of the profit will be distributed to the warehouse of DG DAO, according to Decentral Games.  According to reports from last month, DG DAO’s Treasury Department rose from $1.8 million to $2.4 million.

Atari Games promises prospective players loads of fun on the crypto platform and will  introducing ‘outdated modern games’ that have already been tested through its beta program.

Atari partnership with Decentral Games will enable players to include their DG in the DAO governance contract. Stakeholders, like owners of other dangerous goods, have the right to vote on the ecosystem’s decisions as a result of this.

Gaming industry giants like Grayscale Investments are already showing support for this partnership. The founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group; Barry Silbert, also reportedly supports the project.

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