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Chrome 90: Google Updates Its Web Browser With More HTTPS Redirect Functionalities


Upcoming Chrome 90 updates will automatically direct incomplete URLs to access HTTPS.

Google revealed its newest version for its web browser services, Chrome. The tweaks of the Web browser automatically channel incomplete URLs to load contents using HTTPS protocols, the most secured internet access-tool.

Chrome’s new version is centred on its URL accessibility, its major feature. The developers of Google’s web browser dubbed it, the URL bar “Omnibox” — Chrome Omnibox is reserved to fill in the web address. When typing in a web address, Chrome will load the page’s domain via HTTPS. For instance, type in techbooky.com in the Chrome Omnibox, which will redirect the user and display the page domain via https://techbooky.com.

In line with Chrome’s development, while typing in a web address, its tweaked HTTPS tool is also responsive while the web address is incomplete. Once Chrome’s new version has been officially launched, the web browser intends to direct all its incomplete URL queries to access its secured HTTPS passage.

PS: Chrome’s tweaked HTTPS protocol (technology.com) is responsive to web domain that supports its latest web protocols.

Google software engineer, Emily Stark shared a tweet related to Chrome’s tweaked Omnibox functionalities. She noted the Chrome 89 updates have the latest web features, that are supposed to be available by the 2nd of March. Still, the 89th Chrome update is regarded as a mock-up version and will be accessible to a few users who update their respective web browsers with tomorrow’s release.

According to Emily’s tweet, she noted that if the expectations of its tweaked web browser are responsive and likable by its users, then HTTPS will be the default web protocol for the next Chrome update dubbed “Chrome 90” — this web browser version is set to be released by April whereby, incomplete URLs will be directed to HTTPS address protocols by default.


The concept about Hypertext Transfer Protocol, (HTTP) functionality, allows the web browser to send queries, connecting to the web address server or the web-hosting server to display the domain’s content.

Meanwhile, the concepts of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) slightly differs compared to the regular HTTP although its functionalities are closely related. The regular HTTP sends information in plain-text while HTTPS uses encrypted tools like TLS or SSL to secure user’s requests as-well-as the response.

Overtime, Google’s web services have been resourceful with the secured web protocol whereby they intend to enhance the mechanism of their browsing tool to quicken their significant shift towards utilizing its most secured browse tool that is reserved for Chrome’s future updates.

According to Google, they already configured their web browser to automatically upgrade HTTP URLs to the secured web protocol, HTTPS. Since HTTP has cheap security standards, Chrome’s HTTPS upgrades also notify users about the risk related to using HTTP web pages, which is likely to restrict users from submitting sensitive information such as credit cards and login credentials.

Based on the Chrome secured web browsing tool that also restricts downloads originating from HTTP web address — malicious content might be downloaded unknowingly with belief that it came from a secure source. According to Chrome’s web browser development, Chrome 90s patch is a means to protect a user’s from accessing less secured websites.

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