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Development Of Cross-platform Applications For iOS And Android


To keep up with business demands, mobile applications have undergone some huge changes in the past few years. Designing apps, particularly for both iOS and Android, may look like the right strategy to build applications but is an expensive time-taking task.

As a solution, developers nowadays are more concentrating on cross-platform applications. Irrespective of following only a certain set of rules and designing an app specifically for a particular platform, with cross-platform you can develop apps that are ideal for both iOS and Android platforms.

Cross-Platform Application

Cross-platform applications are developed in a way which works on multiple platforms. In a reduced amount of time and effort, you can design an app without any need of both iOS and Android professionals.

Any skilled developers with a knowledge of cross-platform can easily develop an application for different platforms. In cross-platform, application code is developed in such a way it is compatible with both platforms, hence it can be deployed on different app stores at the same time.


Cross-Platform development tools for both iOS and Android


Sencha consists of a number of tools for the development of cross-platform applications. It offers main products like Sencha Ext JS, Sencha GXT, and Sencha Touch and helps developers to create a single code base such as JavaScript.

By using JavaScript it allows applications to leverage HTML5 through which it can be published as a web application and then can be converted to a native app by PhoneGap.


PhoneGap is the most popular open source cross-platform tool which builds an app by using CSS, HTML, javascript and Web APIs. It consists of a native app shell which is packed with HTML pages, that are sent forward to native platforms as native APIs.

These apps are reusable and are lighter in terms of memory but they do give an impression like a native app. It is an Adobe tool, the basic version is free to use and to get more features an enterprise version is available.


Xamarian is a cross-development platform that helps developers write a code that is C#. It gives you the benefits to utilize multiple platform’s native user interfaces, visuals, notifications, and other features.

With the help of Xamarian. Forms which provides a completely cross-platform user interface library.  It accesses native APIs for multiple platforms. The UI is provided with native controls, which gives its end users a fully native experience.

Alpha Software

Alpha Anywhere helps you build applications by using HTML5 and JavaScript. With this developers can create robust single code base applications with minimal mobile development experience.

It helps companies to complete the end-to-end development process. With a new built-in feature, developers can save their work without any internet connection by fully synchronizing it.


As it reduces the timeline and reaches a wider audience in a short span by building a single application for multiple platforms, developers can concentrate more on building the application instead of worrying about the compatible issues on iOS and Android platforms.

But it does have some performance glitches on some devices when compatible issues rise with the target operating systems. Whether cross-platform applications benefits you or not it all depends on your specific business requirements and needs.

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