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How To Find Duplicate Files Using Duplicate Files Finder Tool


We all know that the computer is how much of use for all of us. It is used by people to accomplish various different tasks and at present time it is of so much of importance, we can easily find it mostly everywhere from any small office to any big organization, from a shop to the home of any person. Most of the people use it to store their various important and personal files that include school or college assignments, job or career related documents, photos and videos of any important event, any essential music or videos files, and etc. But one major limitation with the computer device is that it has limited disk space to store your files and documents. With the time when the user keeps on using his computer, the hard disk spaces get filled and if we look at all the file properly, then we will find out that most of the disk space is occupied by junks and duplicate files. So, to resolve this issue most of the people seek for the best duplicate file finder tool to detect and remove the unrequired duplicate files from the computer.

If the user tries to do it manually, then it is a very tedious task to do and even very time consuming. So, to save your precious time, it is best to make use of any duplicate file remover tool to accomplish the task of identifying and deleting the identical files from the hard disk of the computer. But, one thing the user should keep in mind that try to select the best and authentic duplicate file cleaner tool, as most of the tools are useless and not safe to use because most of them contain viruses and even try to steal your personal information from your computer. It will not only remove the duplicate files easily and the user will get some free space in the hard disk but now the performance of the will also improve.


How to use any duplicate file finder tool on your computer

Duplicate files are the identical digital one or more copies of the files that contain the same content and have the same size but have different names stored in the various locations of your computer’s hard disk. Duplicate file remover tool is the best way to remove these unwanted files from your computer and free some disk space. To use any duplicate file finder tool, follow the given below steps:-

Step 1:- first download and install any geed duplicate file finder and remover tool on your computer.

Step 2:- Now, open the software and select the type of scanner you want. Generally, there are two types of scanner available – “Full Scan” and “Category Scan”.  The user can select the scanner according to his requirements.

Step 3:- To start the process, click on the scan button.

Step 4:- After completing the scanning process, the user will get a detailed list of all the duplicate files.

Step 5:- The user can select all the files and choose the file that he wants to delete.

Step 6:- After selecting all the files to delete, the user can grant permission to remove the files from the hard disk of the computer.

Step 7:- Congratulation! The user completed the task and restores some free space in the hard disk.

Top features to look while selecting the duplicate file finder tool

Well, the user will easily get numerous identical file remover tools over the internet. But, most of them are useless and the user must select the one which has the best features as listed below:-

  1. User-friendly interface

As most of the users are not that much geek and they don’t know how to handle the interface of any software. So, the interface of the duplicate file finder tool should be easy to handle, so that any user can operate it without facing any type of problem.

  1. Speedy and correct output

Most of the duplicate file remover tools are very time consuming and even give confusing in addition to incorrect results. So it’s better to select the software which provides the quick yet immaculate result without any kind of fault.

  1. Precisely detect all identical files

The best duplicate file cleaner tool must be accurately detecting all the identical useless files mostly of every type that include photos, videos, audio, text files, etc.

  1. Ask for permission before deleting the selected files

Even one more important feature that any duplicate file finder tool must have is that before starting the process of deleting the entire files which are identified as duplicate files, the tool must ask the user to grant the permission to actually start the process of removing the detected identical files.

  1. Creating the backup of the files

There should be a feature of creating the backup of files, so that if by mistake if any important file gets deleted, the user can retrieve it from the backup of the files.


Author Bio: – Chandra Shekhar Choudhary is working as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. His potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac tricks, Remove duplicate File and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Chandra Shekhar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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