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Tesla And SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Is Now Richest Person In The World


Elon Musk – the chief executive of Tesla and the founder of the SpaceX program has finally hit his mark to be renowned as the world richest man alive. According to Bloomberg, Musk seized the title from Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, the previous world’s richest men.

On Thursday, Tesla experienced a 6% rise in shares that also increased the stock holding and stock options of the electric vehicle and clean energy company by $10 billion, which further upsurges Musk’s net worth to roughly 191 billion dollars.

In contrast to Elon musk’s productivity, Jeff Bezos is the only competition that threatens Elon musk’s recent financial accomplishment – his shares experienced a surge less than 2% which adds a $3 billion that further increases Amazon net worth to 187 billion dollars.

Bloomberg ratified Musk’s recent financial title to be ahead of Jeff Bezos which was confirmed after the end of the trading day. Prior to the end to the trading day, the $3 billion gained was not added to Amazon net worth at the time which worth up to $184 billion was still ahead of Tesla according to Bloomberg’s billionaire tracker in real-time.

It is quite remarkable how Elon Musk managed to overthrow Jeff Bezos’ title as world’s richest man in the last four years. Elon Musk’s recent asset has made history, according to analysts, Tesla has accomplished a fast surge to be ranked as number one.

Relatively, it is fascinating how the world-famous entrepreneur managed to overcome the swift decrease of shares he experienced about a year and six months ago which trended at the time.

When 2020 started, Elon Musk was below the top fifty richest individuals in the world, his net worth was just over $27 billion. However, the chief executive of the clean energy company is just crowned the world’s richest individual as he added over $150 billion to his previous net worth, which leaves Bill Gates in third place with $132 billion.

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is the only competition that challenges Elon Musk’s recent position. In July 2020 when he became the seventh richest man, he left Warren Buffett in eighth place. Then in November, Musk passed Bill Gates again which made Musk the second richest person at the time.

On Thursday, Tesla shares ended with up to 8% increase, which also boosted its market value to exceed 760 billion dollars. Before the trading opened on Thursday, Musk was only $7 billion away from surpassing Jeff Bezos whose company is not entitled ‘stock options’.

As the founder of Amazon, he has 53.2 million shares – according to reports, he lost over 19 million shares to his ex-wife during his divorce with MacKenzie Scott. Unlike Tesla, Bezos has also given out some of his shares as donations out of will.

However, the Amazon founder is not the only person Musk took by surprise – Musk has given the US oil industry something to be worried about. The US most reliable oil company, ExxonMobil has been experiencing a static market value just as Musk is prompting a significant shift in the automobile industry. Tesla drivers around the world don’t have to worry about miscellaneous expenses on refueling cars anymore rather than on the usage of electricity.

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