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Elon Musk Has A New Title “Technoking”, CFO Of Tesla To Be Called Master Of Coin


…Tesla CEO is the “Technoking” while its CFO is the “Master of the coin.”

Elon Musk, the richest automaker in the world is now titled the “Technoking” of Tesla — he made the nickname given to him official as he included it in the business documentation Tesla issued to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Aside from Tesla’s Chief Executive who has been crowned the “Technoking” representing earth’s tech space, Zach Kirkhorn Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer was also acknowledged with a mind-blowing moniker — Kirkhorm is Tesla’s “master of the coin” in line with the SEC report.

Although, the filing noted that both Tesla’s CEO and CFO reportedly still maintain their respective business positions rather than playing a political role in real-time — their new sobriquet is similar to the title of a parliamentary ruler, especially related to that of the medieval timeline.

Ever since Tesla’s stock value dropped in February, Elon Musk handed over his crown as the world’s richest man back to Jeff Bezos (Amazon former Chief Executive). At the moment, Elon Musk seems less bothered about restoring the previous respectable status of his company, still, the high-valued automaker company gradually loses its wealth.

Tesla reportedly experienced a surge in its market value whereby, they recorded an impressive stock gain that roughly amounts to 600 percent in 2020 — especially in 2021 when the automaker injected billions in cryptocurrency that also bolstered the lucrative Bitcoin market value at the time.

According to Elon Musk, he envisioned Tesla is the brand that dominates the global electric vehicle industry. Tesla has the finance to make such business development possible although his stock value is the only factor that makes such a development a reality or a delay.

After the Fremont fire outbreak at Tesla’s factory last week, the automaker stock slightly fell and they lost 14 percent of their shares. The 450 Tesla’s staffs that tested positive for COVID-19, during the fourth quarter of 2020 — such factors are also responsible for Tesla’s stock crash in recent times.

Despite the ups and downs, Tesla might encounter, it will not change Elon Musk’s well-known character as a “corporate prankster” that jokes with expensive issues whereby he chafes his position as a chief executive likewise teasing other CEOs.

Tesla’s CEO frequently uses his social media to tease his fans including, government regulators and reporters and Jack Dorsey himself — he is most active on Twitter. Even the full self-driving software they tested on their customers — a driver-assist system that is not an independent technology was a trendy topic on Twitter.

According to the world-famous Technoking, Tesla will commence producing its first polarised Cybertruck this year, without a specific production date to commence the project. Although Elon Musk noted that his Cybertruck will hit the market in 2021 if production is not delayed.

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