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Etisalat Rolls Out Easylife 4.0; A flat Tariff System


Easylife 4.0 Limited is a flat rate tariff service from Etisalat which allows subscribers make calls at 11 Kobo/sec. “With the Easylife 4.0 Limited edition, our customers can now make calls at 11 kobo per second to over 160 million Nigerians with a daily access charge of N5, irrespective of the network being called.” according to the company’s Chief Marketing officer (CMO) Mr Francesco Angelone.

Like the major operators in the over $25b Nigerian Telecom market, Etisalat has invested in fibre optic cables across Nigeria. This has helped increase the Telco’s revenue stream to $6b according to the CMO “Seven years ago, the telecom company began operations with zero revenue; today it is a $6 billion revenue generating company. Seven years ago, we had zero subscribers; today we have in excess of 22 million subscribers. Let me assure you that Etisalat will remain committed to delivering innovative, life enhancing products and services to our customers as we work to realise our vision of a world without limitations to communication,”

NCC dataSource: NCC

Revenue across the industry in the Nigeria has been on the rise with increased demand for data by subscribers. In terms of subscriber base, Etisalat comes fourth among the major mobile operators in Nigeria and this is understandable considering it entered market six years ago.

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