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Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi Now Has Its Own Android App


Facebook Express Wi-Fi now on Android 

Facebook now has an app that lets people in developing countries pay for Wi-Fi. The social media giant has launched an Express Wi-Fi app and is on Google play store which will go along with its distributed Wi-Fi network and is currently working Indonesia and Kenya.

“Facebook is releasing the Express Wi-Fi app in the Google Play store to give people another simple and secure way to access fast, affordable internet through their local Express Wi-Fi hotspots,” the company said in a statement to TechCrunch.

The internet access app will provide users a way to buy data packs and find nearby hotspot more easily. Previously before the app, users will have to open a their device web browser or download a app from a local telecom company which will  substitute, but they have to configure their device setting just gain access and it is still difficult for users to find exact spot the hotspot were located.

Express Wi-Fi has been another attempt from Facebook to bring internet to underserved regions in developing countries, which is an effort to that’s  slightly fuelled by the company’s need to rise beyond an already saturated market. In the past , Facebook launched Free Basics, and it was free and criticized for been filled with ads and was violating net Neutrality but the Express Wi-Fi has been explained to be better because it  offers a full version of the web, for a price.

The App is only working in two countries for now, but Express Wi-Fi as a local service is already live in five countries: India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Indonesia. It relies on local business owners operating Wi-Fi hotspots that people nearby can pay to access a higher-speed bandwidth using local ISPs, which is faster, affordable and more reliable compare to the typical slower mobile network connection.

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