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Facebook launches “Rooms” app


So this is “Rooms” the new “anonymous” app from Facebook that allows you use a username instead of your real name as it is currently on Facebook. It’s a standalone app that allows you a mobile-only-in-app discussions about topic of your choice.

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Features of this “Room” app;
• You can customise the look of the app
• You can moderate settings
• You can set a screen name for your chat room
• You can choose who to invite to your room
• As expected, you can share stuffs (text, photos, videos etc), even comments of others in the room.
As usual on all other Facebook platforms like Instagram, you can join using your Facebook account or just simply put in your email details
We earlier posted an article on this but it turns out that this app is not as anonymous as we thought.
Where Rooms is truly different from Facebook is that it doesn’t import your social graph from either your phone’s contacts, Facebook, or anywhere else. Its invite system is designed to make you build a community based on interest instead.

What makes it anonymous?
Each Room gets a unique QR Code that can be shared with whoever its creator and members want to join them. So this means that you can keep that code private as long as you don’t want other users to come into your Room. Other platforms like Teamviewer already do this.

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