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Facebook Live Gets Tools That Let You Invite A Special Guest And Private Chat With Friends


Facebook is updating its “Live” tool with new features. You can now do what they describe as live chatting with friends (Live Chat With Friends) and Live With.

This means that you will now be able to invite friends to a private chat during a live event. Before now, any comments or chats you posted during a live event would be visible to the entire world and this sometimes might be a turn off especially if what you wanted to post about is private in nature. In a blog post yesterday, Facebook says

“You can invite friends who are already watching or other friends who you think may want to tune in. You’re able to jump back into the public conversation at any time, and you can still continue chatting with your friends via Messenger after the broadcast ends.”

The other feature is called “Live With” and with this you can invite friends to join you on the show regardless of their location. This tool has the capacity to change the face of Facebook’s Live tool because instead of only you talking I your video all the time, you could very well invite someone to join in and make contributions.  

“Live With lets you invite a friend into your live video so you can hang out together, even if you’re not in the same place. Sharing the screen with a friend can make going live more fun and interactive — for both you and your viewers.”

While Facebook is advertising this as a more fun tool, think about other business oriented streaming that may require this tool. So as a small broadcasting company that doesn’t have the equipment to invite users to speak on a show, this tool solves that problem simply by clicking a button.

The new features are available on iOS and Android.

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