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Facebook Is Adding New Cloud Storage Features, Stories Archive, And Voice Posts


Facebook is launching a slew of updates to its Stories feature.

The social media giant will now let users save photos and videos to the Facebook cloud, archive Facebook Stories and share voice messages with friends.

The first feature is called Voice Posts. The feature will let Facebook users quickly share voice messages between one another. This is just as similar to that of WhatsApp, which means it will allow users make calls within their Facebook messenger instead of using normal calls to keep in touch and it sounds like these will be designed to be quick and easy to share.

The other feature is the ability to archive Facebook Stories before they expire in the standard 24 hours. This is a similar feature to what Facebook introduced with Instagram last year, so it isn’t too surprising to see it pop up in the Facebook app proper. And the experience might be same or even better. 

Finally, the marquee and mind blowing feature is cloud storage for photos and videos that are taken with the built-in Facebook camera app. They will automatically be saved to the individual’s account, and they won’t be visible to anyone else until they decide to share them publicly. If they decide to at all. The more interesting part is the storage available to all users.

Facebook’s director of Stories Conner Haynes explains that:

“We know that the performance and reliability of viewing and posting Stories is extremely important to people around the world, especially those with slower connections”. Also added that “We are always working on ways to improve the experience of viewing Stories on all types of connections, and have been investing here — especially on our FB Lite app.

For now, the three features will only be rolling out to users in India, but Facebook says they will soon arrive worldwide, according to TechCrunch.

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