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Google’s Keyboard App Gboard Gets Voice Dictation Updates Among Others


Google is upgrading its Gboard (a term used to refer to its keyboard app on phones) for iOS. The internet giant said in a blog post that it will be adding voice dictation to its Gboard on iOS 10.

To access the voice dictation feature, you either update the app to the latest version or simply download the latest version of the app to your iPhone or iPad. The voice dictation feature can then be accessed by holding the space bar down for a while which takes you to anew screen that shows you the mic icon which you can speak into.

But Apple already has this feature in iOS 10 keyboard by default regardless of app but Google has other updates that makes its own a bit streamlined including support for 15 languages which includes, Malay, Russian and Polish. You also get to access Google’s Doodles (the animations Google uses to celebrate special days, heroes and notable events) quicker.

As for when the update will come to Android, there’s no word in that just yet.

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