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How To Use Google Ads Optimization Score To Make Better Ads


Optimization score is a new metric in the Google Ads interface’s “Recommendations” tab that was released recently. The performance of your account in front of Google is estimated by Google’s optimization score. From 0 % to 100 % the range of this metric exists. Optimization score will be maximum if it scales at 100 %. However, if this score is lower then improving the account performance will be possible with the testing of the new features provided by potential opportunities.

An important factor that you need to know is how the features of Google Algorithm are adopted. The optimization score depends a lot on this factor. It is not necessary that with the goals of your current account there will be an alignment of all the features. What do you understand by a 70 % score? It is an indication that on new ad types or smart bidding, increasing the coverage is necessary. It does not indicate that there is a poor setting of your account.

How can optimization scores be improved?

Let us suppose that you have created the campaign. The optimization score will be calculated by algorithms of Google. For improving the score, the various recommendations will be provided by Google. Among these recommendations which one is right for you? A near 100 % optimization score is possible if you use all recommendations. But you will not take any interest in doing all this. You can easily decide which recommendation is right for you on the basis of a number of outside factors. For instance, smart bidding is always recommended by Google. It has no relation with the campaign’s conversion volume or for how long it is running. Sometimes you do not want to activate smart bidding immediately. You can easily find a number of reasons for this. The reasons may be you are concerned about back-end metrics optimization or you have a small budget. So, for improving the optimization score you may not take interest in enabling smart bidding as recommended by Google.

Suppose Google has provided you a recommendations’ list. Now you will consider those suggestions that can be easily implemented, can be controlled easily and as per the needs of your business and account they enhance the campaigns. You will not take any interest in adopting new features just because Google has recommended you these. Adding ad extensions, adjusting settings of campaign, fixing disapprovals of ad, fixing ad groups, fixing conflicts of negative keywords and adding those “Observation” audiences that are new can be included in the quick win adjustments.

As per the goals of your current account, some recommendations may not fit. In this case, go to the Recommendation box’s top right. You will find 3 dots. Click on these and dismiss the recommendation. If you will remove these then your complete optimization score will not go down because of those recommendations that are irrelevant.

How will you define a Good Optimization Score?

With the best practices recommended by Google, alignment of campaigns will be gauged with the help of an important metric known as optimization scores. You need to know about some intricacies. As per the campaign type you can see variation in the optimization score. YouTube, Shopping, Display and Search are the campaign types. As per the optimization score of Google the criteria sets are different for each type of campaign. For instance, if you have enough budget then the optimization score will be 100 % by default for most of the smart campaigns. The optimizations and bids are under the full control of Google as per these campaigns. If you think that as compared to the lower score campaigns, a better performance will be delivered by the Smart campaigns then you are not 100 % right. In many cases it has been observed that a 100 % optimization score for a campaign has not yielded that result which a campaign with a lower score has yielded. Getting the best score need not be your goal. Rather you need to focus on improving the accounts and for this you need to look for opportunities.

If you take interest in advertising services then it will be good for you to take help from PPC management services.

Author Bio

Akshay is a social media marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in this and related fields. He works with Mind Digital Group – an independent digital marketing company providing Offshore PPC management services in India.

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