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Google Assistant Is Now Standalone App In The Play Store


It’s time to meet your personal Google Assistant. Ask it questions, tell it to do things, it’s your own personal assistant and is always ready to help. Yes! you have heard a lot about Google assistant ( especially if you use Google’s Allo messaging app or Home speaker device). Google is now bringing the service as a standalone app in the Play Store not just the one on your android device it has been made available on all android play store.

During the event held in San Francisco on October 4, where the company launched the Pixel smartphones, Google Assistant was a key point of the company’s major hardware technology. The assistant has lots of amazing features which the Company showcased during the event explaining how the assistant will be available as a standalone app on the Google Play Store. It rolls out out to all smartphones running on Android Marshmallow or even higher android versions operating system.

How it works

Google Assistant users will now be able to use the virtual mobile assistant by downloading the app on their play store and activating the virtual assistant by clicking on the Google Assistant app which is better than the previous way of a long press of the home button on their smartphones. The Google Assistant app helps users have an easy access to the assistant with just a click , a digital app that can be used to carry out tasks like creating appointments, setting birthday, anniversary reminder, running search results , and lots more.

Google assistant app

Google in a blog post explained that the digital virtual assistant will help provide a conversational experience between the users and the assistant, it will help users have a quick peep ‘on the go’ during their conversation. The assistant in the recently launched Pixelbook will help users send instant emails, also create new document, arrange their files in folders and lots more. The assistant is also in the new pixel buds which helps the users enable their music which is optimized on their smartphone, also helps the users set reminder, read notifications and on pixel phones it gives the users a real time translation which can be done through the Google assistant.

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