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Google Movie Services Are Removed From Other TV Platforms


…starting from July 15th, Google movies will serve according to their purposes.

Google’s latest campaign of rebranding its services portrays consistency, keeping up with the daily business routine. 9to5Google reveals Google announces’ its Google Play Movies and TV app will be autonomous starting from July 15th — this move is similar to the iPhone maker’s newly autonomous TV platform.

Google’s announcement indicates that third-party TV platforms such as Roku smart TVs, Samsung TV, LG TV, Vizio TV, etc. — based on Google’s multiple TV services which suites different TV platforms accordingly. Meanwhile, Google replaced the YouTube app on these third-party TV devices.

The tech company made it worth noting that your active subscription on its Play Movies and TV app can also be accessed via YouTube its surviving services on other TV devices — your movie or show watch list will be visible via the designated section on YouTube.

This also includes users who access Google’s Play Movies and TV app to watch movies digitally redeeming encoded text from Blu Ray or DVDs. Users can still depend on Google’s YouTube to redeem these codes accessible by its previous TV app and Play Movies.

Google’s significant transition towards its vlogging platform, YouTube, seems interesting not to ignore expected changes — the TV app that previously displays users’ watchlist will now be accessed via the web, imputing this keyword “my watchlist” in its search engine.

Previously, Google enabled extensive family subscriptions — movies bought from its TV and Movie store can be used by other family members are no longer accessible. Henceforth, this subscription is exclusive to the platform there are assigned to — for instance, YouTube’s subscription cannot be accessed via Google’s Play Movie and TV App.

According to Google’s arrangements, Android and iOS platforms can access its “Play Movies and TV app, or the YouTube App”. Third-party TV platforms such as Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Roku smart TVs exclusively access “Google’s YouTube App”. Chromecast is exclusive to “Google’s TV App”. Meanwhile, the desktop user will the website version of either of these services — “Play Movie and TV web or  YouTube website”.

However, your paid content can be visible in Google’s library when you log in via the “movies and shows” section — you can therefore purchase movies anywhere via Google’s Play Store Movies and TV App. Users can also buy movies via YouTube while there is another section that displays purchased movIes that can also be shared with family members.

“Google is shutting down the Google Play Movies & TV apps for Roku, Samsung, LG, and Vizio smart TVs on June 15, but past purchases should be available in the YouTube apps for those platforms, and you can use Play credits with YouTube. Watchlists won’t transfer though,” in line with Google’s tweet.

The tech company is quite aware its user-base will get used to the new method in which their services are assigned. Google is offering gift codes redeemable via its diverse movie platforms — this will encourage users to embrace Google’s new autonomous service layout.

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