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Google Is Back With A Modified E-Health Technology, It Looks Familiar


…Google’s Care Studio is built with mind-blowing features

Google has created an avenue for employment whereby hiring staff on customer-service-based representative while the feedbacks is focused on medical records as a tool. With the information derived from potential users’ medical records, Google aims to ascertain how these users will react to their medical history, Stat News writes.

Meanwhile, Google has recruited over 300 people within the States — their recruitment criteria selectively focus on Android user-base in Atlanta, Chicago, and Northern California.

Remember Google Health the tech company’s launch in 2008 — this platform was built to provide cloud-based health information. Meanwhile, after few years of service, Google decided a shutdown is best to attain further development since its health platform is not as lucrative as expected.

Prior to shutting down its first health initiative in 2012, they hinted to the public via its blog post a year before the shutdown, explaining the need for better management of resources; “We haven’t found a way to translate that limited usage into widespread adoption in the daily health routines of millions of people.”

Accordingly, Google scrutinized their services because they failed to maintain existence in the industry. In line with their discoveries, they realized that users were less concerned about their health issues until it becomes critical. Meanwhile, different theories came up at the end of the research.

While others suggested Google should have integrated its health platform with tech as usual — this should have given its user-base the best experience that Google is capable of managing health data. However, this current healthcare service is regarded as Google’s second attempt to venture into the health sector.

The evolution of tech has advanced in the space of ten years whereby Apple has developed its healthcare app. In 2018 they added nice tweaks, similar to Google’s idea of managing health records. Apple’s health records section within it e-health platform allows users to merge the data they derived from real-time hospital or clinics into their smartphones.

Apple’s e-health platform is not finite to its iPhones — wearable devices built by the iPhone maker are also developed with this e-health service, adopting a different kind of wellness feature with a simplified interface. With this mild accessibility, Apple’s user base has grown quite accustomed to managing their health information via these gadgets.

Meanwhile, Google intends to develop the doctor aspect of its rebranded e-health platform they dubbed Care Studio — this platform bolsters hospital programs with managing patients’ health records with ease. This time around Google is smart to include interesting features such as the “Nest Hub” that allows users to monitor their sleep sessions.

Other features developed by Google include the “Research App” — this feature is exclusive for Android users encouraging the potential user to indulge in health studies. So far, Google’s come back into the health sector has been lucrative.

Meanwhile, a San Francisco-based medical professor, Bob Wachter believes otherwise — in his words, Google’s Care Studio could have been mind-blowing. Based on the fact that he was consulted by Google to intervene in its health project. Nonetheless, the outcome of Google’s Care Studio happens to be thoughtfully designed and mature in contrast to their previous trial.

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