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Apple Now Offering One Free Month Of Upgraded iCloud Storage Plans


One of the most frustrating things about being an iPhone owner is the lack of expandable storage. Once you have gotten the model of your choice, be it 32GB, 64GB or 256GB, you’re stuck with that storage until you buy a new phone. And Of course, you can also compensate the non-expandable storage with iCloud, but Apple only provides 5GB of cloud storage for free. If you want an amount that you can actually use, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $0.99 or more in order to access it.

Most iPhone users are already familiar with the word “You do not have enough space in iCloud to backup your iPhone” message, which seems to pop up most times as a reminder. And users have long complained about the lack of free iCloud storage but now the company appears to be taking one step in the right direction. However, the recent development is that when users choose to upgrade from the 5GB free tier, they will receive the first month of their new tier for free. 

As first noted by AppleInsider, the free trial option appears when a user attempts to back up their iOS device to iCloud, but does not have enough storage to do so. The pop-up message promotes a step-up to the 50GB, but the free trial option applies to the 200GB and 2TB tiers, as well. After your one month free trial, your plan will renew at its normal rate. You can also sign up for 200GB or 2TB of iCloud storage. The prices are as follows:

  • 50GB-$.99 a month (first month is free)
  • 200GB-$2.99 a month (first month is free)
  • 2TB-$9.99 a month (first month is free)

To get started, you have to tap on the blue button in the pop-up, you will be redirected to the Change storage plans menu, which can otherwise be found under Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage. If you opt to take advantage of the free trial, be aware that you will automatically be charged for the next month unless you cancel.

The company has focused more on its tier pricing options instead of listening to the appeal of its users to increase its iCloud storage. Last year, it replaced 1TB tier with 2TB but kept the price the same. There was also support added for sharing 200GB and the 2TB Family Sharing plans. Apple also increased the amount of free storage offered to schools to 200GB.

While the fee will get rung up automatically by Apple every month, you can decide to stop the service at any time. Last year, Apple had $30 billion in Services revenue, and is targeting $50 billion in such revenue by fiscal year 2021.

This new changes won’t deliver much difference. But it does shows that Apple is scrounging through the cushions on the couch looking to find more spare changes to offer and this is one of it.

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