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In yet another attack, snapchat reports that over 100,000 photos have been leaked


If you’ve  been reading Tech news in recent days, you would have come across reports of breaches on firms from banks to retail outlets. The most recent one is Snapchat; the messaging app that allows the sharing of videos and photos which disappear after short period.

The company has since come out to say this breach occured through a third party app. In others words, their servers have not been breached.

Thousands of nude photos of teeneagers were released online. This is more troubling as it has become public knowledge that majority of users of the app are teenagers who wish to share information they wish would not be somewhat seen by other people in future as they hope these information would have disappeared. Of greater concern is that information of minors may have been leaked online

If you are a snapchat subscriber, please contact the company if you feel your data may have been breached.

Snapchat is not alone in this as hackers had boasted of having access to 13 gigabytes’ (GB) worth of pictures that had been intercepted over a number of years. This is a serious case and the faster we tackled, the better for all internet users accroding to a report by James Cook of Business Insider.

Meanwhile you can begin protecting yourself online by changing your passwords every two months, do not use the same password on multiple sites and please verify platforms before providing your data.

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