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Facebook Opens Instant Games, Its Messenger Gaming Platform To Everyone


Facebook’s Messenger game features are now available to the 1.2 billion Messenger users. Called Instant Games, it first launched in beta back in November but maybe users so far like what they have seen thereby promoting a global release.  

By doing this, Facebook wants you to enjoy games within its Messenger app without having to install games from the app stores. Facebook is hereby making it easier for its billions of users to use its apps and as Facebook puts it, Instant Games have been played 1.5 billion times in the last three months.

Instant Games is open to developers by allowing them use game bots that interact with players about levels and rewards. To make the gaming platform even more interesting, games-8ballpoolInstant Games doesn’t just support the sometimes tiring single player gaming. “Rich gameplay features such as turn-based games (our most requested feature) can also weave in leaderboards and tournaments, and offer more visually engaging and customizable game messages during play.” One of such games is “Words With Friends” by Zynga which allows simultaneous chats between players.

On the revenue side, there are no ads in Instant Games which means neither Facebook nor developers will be making money immediately but trust Facebook, they will be making money from the platform as gaming within the Messenger app grows. Facebook gaming revenue from desktop keeps dropping even as more users now prefer to use mobile instead.

The new Instant Games launches with 50 titles including Pac-Man and 8 Ball Pool.


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