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Snapchat On iOS 11: Users Cannot Secretly Record ‘Snaps’ Anymore


A quick reminder, iOS 11 is out to download and installing but here is the bad news for some Snapchat users who have the habit of saving other users’ Snapchat story without permission and the good news is that the photo filter company will notify users of anyone who tries to uses the screenshot feature to save their ‘snap’ on the new iOS 11 mobile operating system.

The “Screen Recording” feature comes with the new operating system iOS 11 and before users can have full access to the feature, they have to edit the settings of the device from the control centre.

According to British news site, Independent, “this still does not mean they are safe to post anything they want. As always, every other can still be saved by other users,” but Earlier this year, the company allowed users to secretly save ‘snaps without the snap uploader’s permission but with Apple’s latest operating system, it allows the company notify users when their snap wants to be saved by another users with the help of the new feature included in the iOS 11 operating system.

The report from Piper Jaffray surveyed research reports that Snapchat is the most used photo filter and the most preferred social media platform for teens, because about 50% of users are US teens and 47 per cent for Instagram and 6100 teens in US that use Snapchat more are from 16 to 18 of age or even less.

Despite the fact that Instagram has about 800 million monthly users and Snapchat has about 176 monthly users , not forgetting Facebook has increased their user base over the years and it keeps growing despite the fact that they were been accused for copying Snapchat in their stories like feature, yet Snapchat still remain the most preferred among teens.

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