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Japan’s Freetel Smartphone Brand Is Finding Its Way Into Nigeria With New Partnership


Ever heard of Freetel? This best selling Japanese smartphone is known for offering very sleek and affordable phones in its home country and sometime last year, it found its way into the US market. The company announced its partnership with TD Mobile, a mobile device distributor in Africa which has established its presence in the Nigerian mobile market.

Freetel is an Android phone with security sensor at the back among other exclusive specifications and ahead of the country’s plan to introduce four models of Android smartphones, its partnership with TD mobile comes to light.

Having been in the industry for over 40 years, the tech firm confirms its performance requirements with Google’s GMS. The Vice-President, International Sales, Freetel, Eugene Yoshioka said:

The GMS certification is the confirmation that a specific device meets Google’s performance requirements and properly runs the Google apps”

 Nigeria is the perfect market place to try out new gadget sales. The country ranked second place after South Africa in a survey by Pew Research Centre. Brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Techno, Infinix and the rest are making waves in sale. Little wonder why the Japanese firm wants to penetrate and have a share in the pie. Mr. Yoshioka said:

Nigeria is the market for Freetel and we are looking to reach out to Nigerian consumers with our latest smartphone. We plan to invest in the country with a full-fledged subsidiary to support sales, marketing and after-sales support. We are glad that we are partnering the most powerful and trusted partner in the region-TD Africa”

 Starting today, the Freetel brand will be added to the growing list of other international brands with its Partner company, TD Africa. Mr Yoshioka said:

Considering its wide reach, distribution network, massive retailer base and unmatched presence in major Nigerian cities and other West Africa capitals, the partnership will see the company deploy its latest capacity in taking the lineup of products from the Freetel stable to every action in the metropolis as well as every nook and cranny in the hinterlands.”

 With the different categories that the Japanese brand has to offer, it hopes to capture the majority. The Managing Director of TD Mobile, Mrs. Gozy Ijogun said:

“As a key driver of the technology revolution in Africa, TD Mobil has strived to bring the latest and best of technology products to Nigeria and the West Africa region by extension. In line with this, Freetel and TD Mobile have entered into an exclusive partnership to bring Japanese smartphone to Nigeria. We believe we can capture a major market share with the help of our extensive distribution reach and strategic partnership with operators, dealers and retailers”

 Guess we would have to wait until we can get a hold of these devices to see if they really offer the solid experience to compete with the other Android brands.

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