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Infographic: Why Your Kid’s Online Safety Starts With You


Kids use electronic devices for different purposes. These range from chatting with friends on social media, sharing images, and many more. But, have you ever talked to your child about their online safety? Well, there are many perils online, and it’s your role as a parent to ensure your kid’s online safety.

What can you do to ensure your kid’s online safety?

Train kids about internet safety and have them report suspicious people instantly. Besides, internet dangers, statistics say that only 5% of online predators purport to be kids; most of them unveil that they are older! More so, educate them on the risks associated with accessing inappropriate information. If your kid still tries to download or view inappropriate content, convince them to sell iphone 6 and acquire other toys that they love. This way, they will always be able to play their favorite games.


Keeping your child safe on the internet is crucial. Educate them on the dangers of accessing improper information and dangerous apps; as such, they will become more responsible, and this ensures kid’s online safety.

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