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How Do I Manage Or Reduce Large Size Of Outlook PST Files?


Issues Due to Large size of Outlook PST Files

  • Unable to send or receive messages, your Outlook mailbox is full.
  • PST file corruption due to oversized PST files.
  • Oversized PST file affects the working of Microsoft Outlook.


As an Outlook user, you might encounter these issues. And, users often neglect or ignore this fact and always try to send emails, but it can not be possible after reaching the verge of Outlook mailbox limit. Moreover, If they are unable to manage the size of Outlook PST files, then it may lead to other problems like data loss or any other issues. So the next question strikes our mind that is: Is it possible to manage or reduce PST File size in Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, it is possible to manage or reduce the size of PST files. If users use to delete some unuseful emails and attachments then the alert will disappear and may be able to send or receive messages in Outlook. Besides this, If a user does not want to delete any emails and attachments then What is the possible way to manage or reduce PST file size of Outlook data?

Do not worry! MS Outlook itself has inbuilt features to manage with the Full Mailbox situation. Additionally, a few Utility Software are also beneficial to reduce oversized Outlook PST files.

Before moving to Outlook inbuilt features to deal with the Full Mailbox, let’s consider some problems due to the large size of Outlook PST files.



Issues Faced Due to Large Outlook PST Files

The large size of Outlook PST files may create various problems. Some of the problems due to this are mentioned below.

  1. PST Corruption due to oversized PST file: When the data arrives at the allocated size of PST file, then there are the highest possibilities of PST file corruption. Even these corrupt PST files lead to data loss.
  2. Degraded Outlook performance: The efficiency and speed of Outlook are affected due to the large size of PST files.
  3. Unmanageable Outlook Mailbox: In Outlook, the entire data is collected in one single PST file. Thus, the user is incapable of sorting the data as per the specific folder or year-wise.

Any user can reduce PST file size issues by splitting large PST files into smaller ones with Outlook PST Splitter Tool. This will assist the user in managing oversized PST files efficiently.

Now, let’s consider the methods to deal with large PST files.


#1. Import and Export Method to Reduce the size of PST File of Mailbox

  1. First, launch MS Outlook on your system.
  2. Now, from the menu, Choose File and then select Account Settings.
  3. Here, you have to choose the Data Files and then tap on the Add button.
  4. A dialog box will appear, choose Outlook Data File(.pst), and then click on the OK button to generate a new PST file in the configured system.
  5. After that, In the Data Files tab, you can easily view the new PST file.
  6. Now, select File from the menu, and tap Open > Import. Here you will find a wizard named Import and Export Wizard.
  7. Accordingly, you have to choose the Export option and then hit on the Next button.
  8. In this step, find Outlook Data File (.pst), and then tap on the Next button.
  9. Now, choose the appropriate folder to Export.
  10. Here, visit the location of the created PST file, and save the Exported File data. Then tap on the Finish button.
  11. If you want to protect your data, then you can set up a password.
  12. At last, a new PST file is created, and the user can easily view it in Outlook.


This will help users to reduce the PST file size of a mailbox in Outlook. If unable to do with this method, then opt for another method to reduce the size of a mailbox in Outlook.

#2. Archive the Older PST files Items

MS Outlook has an inbuilt feature to archive old or unuseful PST file elements. Using the AutoArchive feature user can separate the unwanted PST file to the system hard drive and can use it whenever required for those PST files. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Open your MS Outlook
  • Now, proceed to Files>Options and then Advanced.
  • Find the AutoArchive option on the panel, and tap on AutoArchive Settings.
  • Now choose the checkbox stating Run AutoArchive every day and assign the number of days as a period for the usual archiving process.
  • As per your need, provide other options like deleting old items, etc., and lastly, tap on AutoArchive.


#3. Compress the Outlook Data File

In Outlook, the data file can be compressed manually and it can solve the issue to reduce PST file size of Mailbox in MS Outlook. Follows the instructions to compact outlook data file:

  • First, open your Outlook Continue with the File tab, choose Account Settings and then tap Account Settings.
  • Tap on the Data Files tab, and then choose the PST file to compact, and lastly hit Settings.

  • In the final step, tap on the Compact Now option from the data file dialogue box.


#4. Use Mailbox Cleanup Tools to compact outlook data file

You can reduce the size of a mailbox in Outlook using Outlook mailbox cleanup tools.

To access the mailbox cleanup tool follow the mentioned steps:

  • Open your Outlook and navigate to File>Info>Cleanup Tools.
  • Here, You will find three cleanup tools from the drop-down list.
  1. Mailbox Cleanup
  2. Empty Deleted Items Folder
  3. Archive

Mailbox Cleanup: Using the mailbox cleanup tool you may be able to view the mailbox size and also view the larger item from the entire mailbox. Mailbox cleanup tool also provides an option to AutoArchive.


Empty Deleted Items Folder: Via this option, you can delete all the items existing in the Deleted Items folder lastingly.

These are the different inbuilt Outlook features to reduce or manage the Outlook mailbox size.


Time to Wrap it Up

Microsoft Outlook is an adequate and stable email client. Besides, sometimes Outlook users face issues like- unable to send or receive emails your mailbox is full. Sometimes this issue also leads to multiple issues that can be sufficient for data loss. Consequently, it becomes essential to split PST files in Outlook 03/07/10/13/2016. Thus, in the above segment, I have described several secure techniques to reduce the large size of Outlook PST files.


Author bio

Rohit Singh is an experienced technical content writer and a lifelong learner who is always looking to grasp new opportunities.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/digirohit/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Digitalrohit6

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