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6 Mobile App Analytics Tools To Track Your App’s Performance


It is human nature to be curious about the work you have done. People usually are interested to know the consequences of the work they have done and get feedback so they can improve and achieve success. Hence, it is natural for you to wonder how the app you spend hours in making effects people, from which channel they reached it and how many people get benefit from it. 

Whether you are a mobile app developer, a digital marketer or someone who is in-charge of mobile app support and maintenance, free mobile app analytics tools help you get the information you need. They will give you insights to satisfy your curiosity and tell you the actual feedback of users.

From Google to Apple tracking your apps and their performance is key to achieve your business goals. However, at times the results of free mobile app analytics tools may surprise you. There are thousands of data points available on both Android and iOS. They help you examine and determine what to change in your app, where maintenance is needed and what elements of your app actually work.

In this time an age, you can grow your online presence with your mobile app, as the world is mobile now. With correct mobile application support you can more effectively reach your target audience and add to the growth of your new or existing business. However, in this sea of mobile apps, you need the information about how your mobile app is performing after it has been launched for the public. That’s where free mobile app analytics tools come in the scene, by using the best mobile app analytics tools you can get ahead in the game.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free mobile app analytics tool that mostly covers in-app insights. It also has a premium version that offers more detailed information and it’s mostly used by enterprises. It focuses mainly on determining user acquisition, activation, and revenue.

Google analytics help you get a better understanding of what your app users’ expectations are, and you can also set your goals for your app performance and check if they are accomplished. It is very easy to use, you sign in with your Google account and start using it. However, the best advantage of using Google analytics is that it is free and it works for every platform including Android and iOS.

Apple Analytics

As the name suggests, Apple Analytics is by Apple and it’s free. It is the best mobile analytics tool for you if you want your app to stand out in devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iMac, Apple TV, etc. it gives you information that is very helpful in making adjustments in your app to make it more attractive for new and existing users.

Apple analytics mostly focus on determining user acquisition, referrals, retention, and revenue. Some of the benefits of using Apple analytics is that it provides updated and detailed information about subscription activity of users and it also gives you hints on how to stand out and increase your App Store users.


AppsFlyer is a paid mobile app analytics tool but it offers a basic plan which is 30-day free trial and custom-made pricing. It works in all major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Unity, Web, and Amazon.

AppsFlyer offers a solution for marketing analytics, mobile attribution, active fraud protection, deep linking, and powerful integrations. It focuses on in-app analytics, promises A to Z tracking and has trusted partners like Facebook and Twitter.


You can launch Branch-io for free and later move to their startup plan for $59 per month. It offers customized auto-generated app previews with deep links and it works for both iOS and Android platforms. It also provides you with analytics report on app previews and installs individually which helps define new goals.

Branch-io focuses on referrals, attribution, and performance, and provides solutions for influencer analytics, content analytics, cross-platform insights and deep linking. However, as a new user, you may take some time to figure everything out, but Branch-io is an effective platform for measuring data associated with links, app use, and link clinks. Moreover, Branch-io recently acquired Tune a mobile app analytics tool and together they are even more powerful together.


Criteo mobile app analytics tool has been promoting itself as the most important tool for marketers and the fact that they work with retail giants like Adidas, Macy’s, Target and Sephora prove this claim. It provides a free trial and a paid plan. Criteo is an in-app analytics tool with a key focus on customer acquisition.

Furthermore, Criteo not only measures the present condition of your app and webpage, but it also offers many solutions for marketers and retailers to gain more customers. Even though it is not very suitable for gamers, but it’s the best mobile analytics tool for retailers and e-commerce sites, with its shopper-based analytics. It is a great advertising and marketing tool, very easy to use for newcomers. It also offers solutions like dynamic personalized retargeting, engaging video additions, drive-inn app conversations, sponsored products for retailers and brands, and predictive bidding.  


Kochava is a free mobile app analytics tool that also comes with a more detailed paid version with 14 days trial. It identifies itself as the right solution for top brands, including Mc. Donald’s, Marriot, BBC, Donkin Donuts and Microsoft. It covers in-app analytics for customer acquisition and majorly targets marketers, e-commerce sites and retailers.

Kochava offers strong user attribution analytics and solutions for measurement, fraud prevention, data syndication, user engagement, data marketplace, and digital advertising. It targets all kinds of customers from every sector and covers everything that a web page or mobile app developer may require.


For the overall success of your business and mobile app your need to make sure your app is running smoothly and adding value to your brand. Hence you need some of the best mobile analytics tools that can help you make sure your app continues to perform well. 

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