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The iMac Is Redesigned With New M1 Processor, Available In Seven Colours


…the new iMac has two in-built cooling fans.

Apple’s Springs up another Loaded iMac, powered by its own-built M1 chip. The redesigned iMac with a slimmer display rolls out with classic coloured all-in-one models — the iPhone maker noted it was built from scratch by in-house technology.

The latest iMac device has a 4.5k display depicts Apple has been working out — the device looks slim on all sides including the rear that was previously curvy is now flat — the weight of the redesigned iMac is reduced by 50 percent, according to Apple.

Powered by Apple’s in-house True Tone semiconductors, iMac’s screen automatically adjusts the colour temperature to its user’s taste.

Apple’s new iMacs depicts its natural technology keeps advancing overtime whereby its 1080p resolution now has a larger sensor. For contrast, the experience of FaceTiming with this gadget is expected to be edible with an enhanced camera and mic developed by expertise.

The flagship Apple’s new 24-inch iMac, powered by its M1 chip is 11.5mm thin, its appearance looks hyper-cool and sleek whereby the iMac maker noted that it will remain that way. In contrast to the previous iMac model with the “bulky thermal system,” the new slim iMac has two in-built cooling fans.

Apple also added an advanced magnetic power cable that is similar to the previous MagSafe that is attached at the back of the device — While the ethernet cable remains the same. iMac’s USB-C port is powered by Thunderbolt’s high-end model — not forgetting the traditional headphone jack.

Apple-designed iMac keyboard to fashionably match with similar colours — the mouse, touch ID, and trackpad also feature in a single keyboard. While the touch ID is a touch button for simple login.

It worth noting that iMac pre-orders are scheduled for April 30th, then by the middle of May, the device will be available for sale. According to Apple, the price varies based on colour variety — for starters, iMac price is labelled at $1,299 while other coloured models cost $1,499 — Apple made seven different colours available.

While iMac memory is built to be flexible — the usual 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD can be upgraded up to 16GB of RAM and up to 2TB SSD.

Apple’s iMac powered by its M1 chip has bolstered the new set of released devices — remarkably as the first time iMac features an in-house built semiconductor that has featured other new devices made by Apple, including MacBooks, and iPads. Henceforth, other upcoming devices will be built with the M1 chip. As expected of Apple, the tech company will upgrade the current iMac OS to be compatible with its chip.

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