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John Matze, Parler’s CEO Revealed His Social Platform Might Remain Offline For A Long Time


Parler the social media company that took the fall for the recent uprising at Capitol Hill and lost connection to its web-hosting server.

The repercussion for not regulating the contents it allows on its social platform – its users allegedly instigated violence in real-time based on how they socialized on Parler.

They lost the connection to their web server while the service provider refused to grant them connectivity access because of the social platform’s unethical nature.

The Chief Executive of the social platform, John Matze, revealed that they were the victim of circumstances for running a social platform where fundamental rights are observed to their maximum. He also noted that Parler might never be opportune to regain access back online.

In the interview he had with Reuters, John said, “it could never be,” and due to uncertainty of his company’s status, he is quite sure “they don’t know yet” about when they will be back online.

“I am an optimist. It may take days, it may take weeks, but Parler will return, and when we do, we will be stronger,” he continued.

John Matze also noted that his social company has reached out to other cloud computing companies, sourcing an available web-hosting service to grant them online access.

Due to the condition, his social platform got banned, John declined to disclose the potential cloud computing company that is likely to replace its initial web-hosting company, Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Parler’s chief executive also revealed that he preferred if Amazon.com revert their action to grant them access to get back on their server, despite the lawsuit they filed against the AWS parent company. However, statistics report that the social media platform had over twelve million active users before they got banned.

Amazon restricted the social media company because they failed to control violent content on their social platform. The multinational tech company also believes that 70% of the 12 million users on Parler are likely to be supporters of the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, related to Washington’s recent event.

Centered on John Matze’s consent, he expected Amazon.com to regard his social platform as a preferential client. Nonetheless, Amazon.com should have observed the formal relationship they had with respect – AWS should have issued a forewarning or legal filing to assess their business conducts.

During the previous summer that passed, Parler got invited to attend an initiative by Amazon.com, where the social media company is likely to secure an interested investor.

This fact was autonomously verified by a source based on anonymity. The unnamed source disclosed that Amazon labeled the offer as a privileged “standard for startup customers.”

The initiative program ended without the social media company securing any investment, although Parler’s chief executive revealed that his company did not need extra funding at the time.

In AWS’s defense to the restriction they issued on Parler, they notified the social media company that they have violated their terms of service.

Prior to the 2020 November Us election, the cloud computing company has gotten reports that the social website it hosts needs to police the contents it allows on its social platform.

When AWS issued Parler its traditional fillings to assess their conduct, they flagged hundreds of violent shared posts on Parler. However, in the court filing on Wednesday, Amazon.com did provide evidence that the social platform served as a tool that instigated the uprising at Capitol Hill.

Amazon, Alphabet and Apple – decided Parker’s fate in unison, whereas Alphabet’s Google and Apple blacklisted the social media app from their app stores.

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