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Basic Programming Languages For Web Development

       Busy coding specialist typing on laptop while dealing with computer language sitting at table with personal staff in modern office


With the growing competition through e-commerce and an increasing number of internet users, having a website is now a necessity for every business. An attractive and well-designed website can improve your competitiveness in the online business; especially if you are solely relying on online transactions. Building a website requires a professional web developer with vast knowledge in web design and programming languages, but how do you identify that individual?

It is, therefore, necessary for business owners to have a basic understanding of programming languages before they hire a person to create a website for them. Understanding a few things will help you express your needs clearly. Let’s see some of the popular coding languages for web development.

Hypertext Markup Language

Hypertext Markup Language helps in building the layout and structure of your website. The language tells your browser what each part of the website is by defining components like headers, paragraphs, images, links and more. You can better describe it as the skeleton that holds your website together. Learning HTML is a good start, but should also learn how to convert HTML to PDF to help you view the files on other devices and share them with others. With a good understanding of the language, you can also add page breaks in HTML to PDF conversion.


JavaScript is a dynamic and popular language when it comes to creating websites. The language helps the developers in areas such as editing content on a document on display, controlling the browser, allowing the communication between the client-side script with the users and also in asynchronous communication. Developers widely use JavaScript in the creation of games and desktop applications.

The advantage of using JavaScript as a web developer is that it is among the few programming languages that are accepted by all browsers with no need for plug-ins and compilers. The language also works on non-web-based platforms like desktop widgets and PDF docs.


The primary use of CSS language in web development is in styling the website. The language describes how the website will be presented and its layout. You can combine CSS and Hypertext Markup Language to add features like backgrounds, colours, font sizes, layouts and many more. Knowing these two programming languages will help you work better with both the front end and back end web developers.


Java is always ahead of all the other web development languages when it comes to popularity. Reasons Java is popular including its ability to work on any platform and the fact that it is object-oriented. Developers use it for creation of website content, games, software and apps.


Python is an easy to use language and can help create a framework for any website. The language is the best choice for beginners and favourite for most developers due to its simplicity, readability and fun of use. It is probably the language that you will understand more easily as it uses a simple and straightforward syntax. Developers using python can express a point or concept using only a few lines of codes.

Parting Words

As a business owner, a basic understanding of the above and other coding languages can help you improve some aspects of your business. Working with web developers is sometimes tricky if you have no basic knowledge of coding, but business people with some coding knowledge can explain their needs better to the coders. You will also understand your website better, which will help you keep up with the trending designs and other features that determine the customer’s perception of your business. Now is the right time to learn to code as most businesses are adopting online marketing and selling.

Author Bio

Patrick Watt is a content writer, writing in several areas, primarily in business growth, value creation, M&A, and finance. Other interests also include content marketing and self-development. Say hi to Patrick on Twitter @patrickwattpat.

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