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Psychology Based Web Design Trends To Be Implemented In 2018


Developing a website that accurately does what you desire is a tricky process. The end goal is usually the same despite what sort of business you are running. You need a site that will influence your visitors to consume your product or compel them to investigate what you and your services are about.

An aspect obvious to most but used by few developers is predicting and triggering the human psyche. Psychology influenced web design can help you make a more concrete decision that has a rational argument beyond “this seems pretty to me.” Influencing many aspects of your design by using the psychology-based approach will open you towards pathways of thought you perhaps lacked previously.

Design layouts

Most users have similar ways of exploring websites. Since most of us learned how to read before opening the Internet we have a similar pattern of looking for info as with reading through books or newspaper. Therefore the most important information should be placed at the top left, bottom right and the middle part of the web page – mimicking the Z shaped scanning we often do.

Visual breaks between boxes of text in various sizes can help in the emphasis of the really important parts of your presentation. The empty space help in the clarity of your information, reinforcing confidence within users. This is key since if you are sure about something, you might as well buy it. Focusing on your landing page is a great place to start since it is the front door of your site.


Fonts have played a huge roll in defining many brands. They should be used to convey the tone of the message it is used for. In a way, it is a subtle way of letting your consumers know who they are dealing with. If you see an ad for a restaurant using Comic Sans you will probably assume it is not high-class dining establishment.

Put your user first

Most users go to websites to find something for themselves and to enhance their lives in some way. They seek to be recognized and appreciated. Present yourself as a “friendly” business by forming relationships with your clients by using slang or everyday words in notifications to make them feel casual and relaxed.

Creating an experienced based on the past visits made by your users is a great tool for personalization. This cuts back on site browsing or doing repetitive tasks, increasing the efficiency of their visit while giving that personal touch most users crave.


Understanding how different colors affect people is crucial to make them work in your favor. The mood, tone, and message can all be manipulated if you use colors in a smart and calculated way.

Blue is a color that is gender neutral and associated with honesty, trust, and calmness. This is the reason it is used by financial institutions, governments, and social networks. Green connects us with nature and is great for confirmation messages and buttons. Yellowish tones aren’t the most popular ones but are great for the food industry or the service industry. Black/white isn’t really a color but it works great for serious or luxury items by conveying the message in taste and class.


The most important part of inspiring confidence for your visitors is a consistent website that has predictable layouts. Creative website design solutions use patterns that users may see on the site and rewards them for it. The human mind rewards pattern recognition so it makes for a wholesome browsing experience with positive outcomes.

The menus should follow patterns of design and color that reflects your brand and visual identity. Deviating from the form isn’t forbidden, it is even useful. If you make something that stands out from the rest of the design it will highly emphasize its importance. Just make sure not to overdo it.

These were just a couple of examples that suggest ways of approaching your website design. Many more angles can be taken into consideration. Just remember that whatever you try to do with your site don’t make it all about the clients and their thoughts, your brand matters.

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