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Samsung’s First 8K TV Goes On Sale Next Month


Many people are yet to wrap their head around nor upgraded to 4K resolutions yet, but this week at the IFA 2018, Samsung announced its first-ever 8K television for commercial release.

It’s not news that Samsung’s been working on an 8K set. The company first showed the Q9S at CES 2018 in January, and quietly announced in a presentation at the QLED and Advanced Display conference in June, Forbes noted that it would be releasing several 8K models this year. But thus far, exact timing and price have remained a secret, Until now.

Q900R, It’s a QLED device that comes in four big screen sizes (65”, 75”, 82” and 85”)—with a very impressive 4,000 nit peak brightness and supports a real 8K resolution as well as the HDR10+ standard. Since there’s virtually no 8K content on the market worth watching right now, the primary selling point of the TV appears to be upscaling 4K content—which Samsung explains it will relies on tech involving artificial intelligence and dedicated processors, with a promise of a good upscaling which will “sounds somewhat optimistic,” but the quality difference may well be hard to perceive for any but the most discerning”.

“Unless you’re sitting very close to a very large TV, more pixels does not necessarily translate to better image quality, especially given that pesky lack of native content. That said, the 8K resolution should allow for even more vibrant HDR according to a press release.

Samsung has stated that the 8K TV is likely to go on sale in some markets by the end of September. That being said, but still didn’t place an official price of the device—With this announcement, it is crystal clear that the era of the 8K TV will soon be upon us, even if in the short term they’re mostly fascinating set pieces for those who people who don’t bat an eyebrow on dropping top dollar for them.

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