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Snapchat Was Down For About 4 Hours But Is Now Back


The week started a little bit rough for the photo filter platform Snapchat as they faced a worldwide outage for 4 hours on Monday which led to a heavy flood of complaints on their rival mobile app Twitter a day before the company released their third quarter earnings report.

Many users took to Twitter to complain about not being able to login after logging off the app and after posting their status it automatically delete within 24 hours, Twitter user @Bradleykeegan11 wrote on his account “snapchat won’t let me log in and it keeps saying ‘could not connect”, and they company respond to the complaint on their support Twitter  account explaining that “We’re aware of the issue and working on a fix,” also  recommending that users stay logged on until the issues is rectified.

Today Tuesday Snapchat Inc released their earnings report that explained that stock closed down at 2.8 per cent at $14.83 on Monday and of which its initial public offering price was $17. The disappearing message app has over 220 million monthly active users which has similar features like stories like that of their rival Facebook.  With a low third quarter earnings report.  the company is now introducing exclusive shows that can be used to generate more revenue for its platform.

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