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Snapchat’s Second-Generation Spectacles Will Be Available On Amazon Starting Today

Theresa Casimir

The second generation of Snap Inc.’s Spectacles, released in late April, is now available for purchase via ecommerce giant Amazon.

Snap Inc.’s new hands-free camera with the ability to capture photos—the first release only captured videos—quicker transfer of HD content via Wi-Fi, water-resistant construction, a sleeker frame and more options for frame colours and lens shades

First-gen Spectacles were sold exclusively through novel pop-up vending machines before being sold online, but second-gen Specs launched on Spectacles․com before selling out.

Now Snapchat is making its new smart glasses easier to buy than ever with availability on Amazon.com. The new model joins the cheaper and less capable first-gen edition on Amazon, so be careful which version you order.

The three new colors: ‘Onyx Moonlight,’ ‘Sapphire Twilight’ and ‘Ruby Daybreak

The second-gen Spectacles launched exclusively on Spectacles.com, Snapchat’s new Spectacles will go for $149.99  (with next-day shipping offered) and come in three colours from Amazon.com: Onyx Moonlight, Sapphire Twilight, & Ruby Daybreak. Just in time for summer. But the original version of Spectacles launched in black, coral and teal.

Starting on today, users in the US, UK and Canada can buy the camera-equipped glasses on the e-commerce giant’s website.  More countries in Europe and Africa will be added in coming weeks, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The glasses will be priced the same in every region, so they’ll be $20 more than the first generation Spectacles no matter where you live.

It’s probably a wise move. Only 220,000 of the first-generation wearable cameras were sold, which reportedly resulted in a $40 million loss for Snap. A wider net of distribution seems like a better plan to sell more, and maybe even make a profit.

Snap definitely appears to be forecasting demand better this time around. If you’ve been waiting to get a pair, now might be the time.

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