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Here Are Some MVP Models That Are Now Successful


MVP stands for minimum viable product. Though the full form might appear something from the quantum of physics but it is not so.

It is just a kind of an outcome with much more features which can convince early birds of the app to use it and assist in further development of the app with their reviews and feedback.

Developing an MVP is a monotonous process that is to be outlined for recognizing the points which affect the users and regulate genuine features that are actually required in the app. #MVP #Startup Click To Tweet

The qualities of the products and services that are provided by the mobile app development companies are significant in the past few years.

Even the giant firms cannot depend on network channels for securing its leadership model in the market.

To cope up with the organizational goals and add some new value to the app, the life-cycle of app development needs to be constant.

Such constant development authorizes firms to regularly carry out testing when the user provides feedback and rapid development in the app takes place.

According to the feedback provided by the user, the changes take place in the apps and this development occurs rapidly.

Developing an MVP is a monotonous process that is to be outlined for recognizing the points which affect the users and regulate genuine features that are actually required in the app.

MVP delivers the market entries which are quick and fundamental, user experiences that facilitate firms to develop how users make reactions towards the core purpose of the app.

With such deep analysis and insights, the companies prefer to take their logical actions and channelize them towards achieving their objectives for the product and organizational goals.

The topmost successful mobile apps that use the MVP process to prove the app owners that their apps are going to get the desired results are as follows:

This article will transverse how the successful startups which adopted MVP models are flourishing successfully.

The value and popularity that apps have gained are skyrocketing and unbelievable.

The top 3 companies that used the MVP model once they were start-ups are as follows: Spotify, Instagram and Uber #MVP #Startup Click To Tweet

O yes ! after hearing the companies name it appears unexpectable, right?  How would such big giants use MVP models?

These three companies included features which were needed to be integrated into the company as per the point of view of the users.

The companies which inculcated the features in their MVP models are as follows:

1. Building MVP for a core set of users

  • Users are always in a dilemma about what they need in their product unless and until they get the ready-made product or UI and then further experience it.
  • Therefore it appears difficult to authenticate a product. Individuals won’t tell u upfront what they require in a particular product.
  • Several companies have been releasing mobile apps over the past few years just to check what the users actually need.
  • Such a launch of the app results in the wastage of money and time of the business owners.
  • The fundamental step before launching any app is to know the choices of the targeted audience. For how long, they are going to use it and how will they use it.
  • By focusing on the targeted audience, the choices, and preferences will get clarified and will further assist in improving the app.
  • A part of it also forces individuals to create a road map.
  • A project roadmap appears important for leading the decisions which are related to mobile app development.
  • A roadmap of the app answers all the major questions that a business owner might get struck initially at the initial phase of developing an app.
  • Although outlining a road map is a tedious process and the app owners might not know what are the ways to add more value to the app.


Things to include in your roadmap for mobile app development

A roadmap for your app must include:

  • Include the vision and strategies that you adopted
  • A roadmap must act as a layout for further execution of the plan
  • It must dispose of stakeholders
  • Aid in discussions and designs
  • Transmit developmental progress and status of the apps
  • Clearly dictates strategies implemented to all the stakeholders

The foremost step in the creation of a roadmap starts with the discovery of the product. This is the latent stage after regulating the vision and objectives of the mobile app.

The minute details and basic requirements do not matter apart from this a business owner must focus on how the roadmap will cope up with the business plan which has already been laid out.


2. Prioritizing features for MVP

  • Whenever a business owner needs to prioritize an app then they must start by answering the basic questions: What are the basic problems that need a proper solution.
  • During the initial phase of an app that is going to work on the MVP model, we need to set up the features which are needed in the apps and what are the features that you need to prioritize.
  • To recognize the attributes that provide assistance to the core function of MVP.
  • There arises a need to suggest which are the most important features that are to be included in the product while furnishing the app.
  • Sorting out the features which are suitable for the apps from the features which are not suitable helps an app owner to keep MVP inclined.
  • Moscow matrix serves as the best tool which regulates all the mandatory features for an app using the MVP model.
  • Moscow sets the priority for the features which you must include from every other aspect that you can, could, or should have included in the app.
  • This matrix solves the major issues of the app developers and owners as they get a clear vision of what are the features that are needed to be included, features that are not required in the app at all.
  • By knowing what features are actually needed in the app cuts out the unwanted edges.
  • Along with the progress of the app, the app owners get to know how many features are to be added in the app as there always arises a need to develop something along with the changes taking place in the environment.
  • Once the project starts at its initial phase, more and more features start popping on the Moscow matrix, and it can even dissipate the overall MVP model.
  • This matrix helps in aiding the business owners to keep an eye on their ongoing projects.
  • If additional or extra features are prioritized by the app owners, then there won’t be any further help that will get provided by the matrix to achieve the overall organizational goals.
  • All the important aspects of the app such as timeline, budget, and inclusive features might suffer in the long run.


3. Gather Feedback, Measure, And Make Iterations

  • The feedback and reviews provided by the users are the bonanzas for the app owners.
  • Feedbacks are the best way to know the pros and cons of the apps and to know the weak areas which need to be improved.
  • Such a piece of vital information will decide the path of the app and might even force the change in a direction completely.
  • Through a proper examination of the users and their behavioural patterns, the owners will get to know what the user actually wants and what the requirements that force the users to use an app.


Summing up

  • When the app at its initial phase is minimum and updates/features are continuously evolving which are the ultimate results of the customer’s feedback.
  • This feedback and improvements in the app help the owners to know about the roadmap of the project and meet the market demands.
  • To begin with a mobile app with a continuous update to meet the demands of the users along with achieving business goals.
  • By adopting the MVP model it will restraint the resources of the project and maximize its efficiency which will ultimately lead to lower costs, few risks and excellent product outcomes.



 Author Bio:

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, MVP development and manager at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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