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Microsoft, Facebook, And Several Other Tech Companies Set To Resume In-person Office Duties Soon


…several companies are set to commence in-person work activities fully by September 2021.

The 2020 pandemic season pushed the significant shift of corporate bodies towards working remotely from home. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be in its end phase, whereby several tech companies have instructed their employees to resume their daily jobs in-person starting from May.

Accordingly, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg confirmed this announcement of his employees who have been working remotely from home are to resume in two months from now. Zuckerberg dropped an early notice of work resumption, calling worker’s attention to set their minds right preparing for duty.

If COVID-19 had persisted, Facebook had already planned a conducive work schedule for its employees to work from home remotely that is expected to last for roughly ten years. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg clarified the new work requirement that mandates a limited staff capacity to work in-person to curtail the Coronavirus spread.

Facebook is reopening its principal offices, primarily its headquarters stationed in Menlo Park and other sub-offices stationed in Bay Areas, to bolster business operations with a limited staff capacity working concurrently in-person. Meanwhile, only 50 percent of Facebook employees can resume office duties in its principal offices.

Starting from May till September, Facebook intends to observe the effect of allowing limited workers — in-person work activities under the principles that match the COVID-19 self-distancing guidelines.

Facebook reportedly noted they would provide safety gears and consistent weekly COVID-19 vaccination to ensure its employees’ safety during these harsh times.

Just as Facebook set to resume its office business operations, other tech companies such as Uber also announced similar work interests resumption update. However, the ride-hailing company was quite specific with its resumption date scheduled for May 29th exclusively for its employees based in the Mission Bay headquarters in San Francisco.

Uber revealed their new office requirements for its employees closely related to Facebooks’ — workers must use the ride-hailing company’s protective gear. As-well-as employees are adhering to the frequent COVID-19 check-up entitled for employees. In contrast, staff with sick family members are advised to continue self- isolating themselves while working remotely.

Before these recent updates, Uber intended to allow employees to work remotely till the same September Facebook intended to commence massive office operations. The ride-sharing company is likely to also open office duties in full by September.

Several tech companies are considering reopening their offices — still, Twitter is yet to make such plans. In the wake of the pandemic, the short message social media announced an indefinite duration for its workers to work remotely from home.

According to a Twitter spokesman who confirmed they would open their office’s branch by branch while a limited staff capacity will be allowed to access their offices. Still, they have not finalized a date for in-person resumption.

Not forgetting other big tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft — both Google and the software company are developing an effective hybrid work model exclusively for employees. Microsoft disclosed they would reopen their headquarters in Redmond, Washington, DC, towards the end of March.

Unlike Google who has tentative plans, Microsoft disclosed that while its offices are opened, employees who are remotely active from home would be classified as part-time workers.  Google is still yet to publicly revealed its intentions of in-person resumption.

Remember the pandemic’s wake when Google instructed all their employees to work remotely till the September of 2021. While offices are reopened, employees are expected to work three days in a week in-person.

Accordingly, Apple is yet to provide further details about work resumption, while they declared all their staffs to resume their jobs in person by the same month of May just like other big tech companies have announced.

The self-isolation protocol was quite effective, whereas working in spaced corners with other employees might be risky. These companies’ safety protocols do not guarantee a COVID-19 free atmosphere for workers — even the weekly vaccination program planned by these companies does not ensure COVID-19 can’t be transmitted.

The post-pandemic working atmosphere is not sure to be a hundred percent COVID free. Still, check and balancing all the factors that influence a safe in-person work atmosphere; working remotely from home might be endless.

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