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Twitter Replaces Its “Quote” Feature With “Retweet With Comment”

Theresa Casimir

Been on Twitter recently? And have you tried quoting a tweet today? If you have, you will notice that the feature ‘Retweet with a quote” has been replaced with “Retweet with a comment” on the twitter mobile app.

Users can still quote tweets, however, the micro-blogging platform simply changed the words that makes it happen. Most times, prior to rolling out new features, Twitter announces updates either through its official blog or handle. In this case however, the company did not hint users on the replacement. This is why it came as a surprise to many.

The changes done by the company,  has been one of the many features the micro-blogging platform has added in the past few months. In March, the company introduced a bookmark feature which enables users to easily save tweets for later. In September 2017, the company extended the platform’s word limit from 140 to 280 characters, a move which got mixed reactions from its users.

Most twitter users , noticed the changes and tweet about it on their respective accounts, it will take a while for many users to get use to the changes but like any other Twitter update, as users can finally settle with more characters per tweet, the “Retweet with Comment” feature will take a lot of getting used to and this new one will also settle right in.

The new feature will be available on all updated mobile Twitter app worldwide.

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