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Twitter Removes The 140 Character Limit On Its DMs. See The New Limit Here


I reported in June that Twitter was ditching the 140 character rule in direct messaging (DM). The increase is quite significant but still lower than the Facebook limit. The new Twitter character limit is 10,000 while that of Facebook is 20,000. “Our users will now have the flexibility to write longer and express themselves in a more natural and comfortable way,” said Sachin Agarwal, Twitter’s product manager for direct messages. This could encourage more people to stay on the 300 million strong social networking site. Twitter has had growth problem but has managed to maintain its “strong” user base of brands and celebrities. As is stands, many organisations prefer to make official announcements first on Twitter.

Jack Dorsey who is the interim CEO and co-founder of Twitter believes Twitter still has a great future despite disappointing financials.

The company is taking steps to keep its existing users while encouraging more to sign up.

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