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How To Use Technology In Unique Ways To Stay Connected With Family Members


Technology has drastically changed the way people connect with their family members. Instead of just relying on phone calls and expensive airline tickets to spend time with loved ones, technology can allow us to do so in many different ways. Here are four awesome ways to use technology to connect with your loved ones.


Video Chat

One of the simplest ways to connect with family members in a more appealing way than a traditional phone call is to use video chatting software. Using this type of software can be as simple as Facetiming on your smartphone or setting up a Zoom meeting for the whole family. Seeing others via video allows you to better communicate as you can see their expressions in the conversation.

Start Story Telling

To stay connected with your family members, you don’t have to constantly schedule video chats where you’re all present at the same time. That can be difficult to do on a consistent basis. Instead, consider using a community digital story telling app. These apps will allow you to create stories, and others can post whenever they get a chance. For example, this is perfect for sending someone special birthday messages. Each person can record their own favourite memory and upload it to a storyline for all in your group to enjoy throughout the day.

Social Media

Many people are familiar with using social media to connect with others. It’s a great way to share photos and videos with each other. Consider using Instagram or Facebook to connect with your loved ones. This will allow them to see your life evolve in real-time without having to miss it. Consider setting up specific pages for special events, such as showing off your Christmas decorations.

Play Online Games Together

One really cool way to stay connected with those around you is to take part in online games together. One of the most popular is Words With Friends. With these special games, each player takes a move when they sign onto the application. You can send chat messages to other players throughout the game. These can allow you to stay up-to-date with others even though you may be playing the game at different times of the day.

Technology has opened the door to more communication between family and other loved ones. The above are just four of the many ways that you can use technology to connect with those around you. The more communication technology you integrate into your lifestyle, the more you can enjoy the love of those you care about.

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