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Video Calling Feature Comes To Facebook Messenger


The over 600 million strong Facebook messenger is getting a free new video calling feature coming to it. Facebook recently also launched a payment platform within its messenger app with more features reportedly underway. With WhatsApp (A Facebook owned company) now reportedly having a user base of over 800 million, Facebook now comfortable controls the IM and mobile messaging market.

Now to the reason why you opened this link in the first place, a free video calling has now come to Facebook messenger but it’s not new you may say because Facebook began partnering with Microsoft to use the Skype technology to facilitate video calls on its platform but in 2013, Facebook decided to dump that technology as it required you to install an additional plug-in.

Facebook seems to be pursing new ways of connecting people other than its traditional methods as you’re recall that WhatsApp recently rolled out free voice calls first on Android and later on iOS

So to use this feature, you need to click on the video camera button in the app and voila! Yes it’s that simple. We have been told that this feature is available on iOS and Android. As at the time of this report, it’s currently available in 18 countries including Nigeria being the only African country on the list. Don’t worry though, Facebook says it will roll it out to everyone in the coming months.

Image source: Beta news

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