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The 7 Key Financial Pros & Cons Of Virtual Assistants


Virtual assistants are the most recommended way to keep assistants in this increasingly digitized age. They are of two major types. One of them is human-virtual assistants and the other is digital virtual assistants.

Digital virtual assistants are regularly found in our homes inside smart speakers, for example, Alexa, Homepod, and other such contributions. Voice-enacted gadgets like virtual assistance work precisely as some other human assistants and in some way, they are more beneficial than their human partners.

Human-virtual assistants are humans which provide services of assistance over the internet. Enlisting a virtual assistant is an ideal choice if you need to concentrate on more productive and important tasks, other than just checking the emails, booking tickets, and other low-level stuff can be delegated.

Today we will take a gander at some of a portion of the pros and cons of having virtual assistants.

Pros of Having Virtual Assistants

Decreased Cost of Operations:

Having a virtual assistant can significantly lower your operational costs in the long run. If you have a human-virtual assistant, you can just pay him based on his work that can be more advantageous since you can hire them on an hourly basis and they will work for you. They are not directly employed by you and don’t demand a salary. Paying per hour is relatively more efficient than paying a salary.

Increased Efficiency:

You can undoubtedly see a spike in your effectiveness when you employ a virtual assistant. Individuals for the most part employ virtual assistants to play out all the low-level work, which whenever done without help from anyone else, will bring about diminished yield. At the point when you let your brain focus on the most important task and get yourself far from every inefficient work, you will observe a boost in productivity. This is majorly beneficial to organizations, as their administration can invest zero in on basic operations of the business and the administration can be used proficiently.

Better Growth:

When management workers work at their best levels, a business’s growth is guaranteed. Utilizing virtual assistants will prove a great decision for you in the long term, as the management will be able to look out for prospective growth chances and will be convenient to make key decisions in the time of need. Excellent decisions lead to excellent growth and the management will be able to take better decisions only when it has enough time to brainstorm over a prospect.

Lowered Stress:

People usually keep assistants to do some work they feel can be easily done by other people, to focus on their specialty. Low-level tasks are often stressful and require too much time and effort in exchange for their outcomes. Hence, when you hire a virtual assistant to do all your low-level tasks such as replying to emails, booking tickets, checking hotels, and planning out your entire day, you will feel a decrease in stress-level in yourself as well as in those directly affected.

Increased Flexibility:

Entrepreneurs can never work 24-hour shifts, and no other human too. But businesses need that their customers be served 24*7, thus, virtual assistants can be your extended hand. Domestic workers can be employed during a specific time. It’s actually not feasible to hire extra employees to work on a different shift than usual. Thus people prefer virtual assistants from multiple timezones in the world to provide fully covered support to their customers. This can result in extending the business scalability to a great extent.

Low Cost:

Labor and workers’ wages are too low in some countries as compared to the tier-1 countries. Likewise, you can utilize this chance to attract more benefits for your business. Recruiting skillful VAs from developing nations with lower compensation can be a decent decision when you have started your business or already running an enterprise. Some nation’s pay rates are low to such an extent that you can employ two virtual assistants from developing nations at the cost of one from a level 1 country. This stunt can set aside more cash which can be used for better things.

More specialized Workforce:

Hiring employees that are specialized in a particular domain can sometimes be costly as there arises great expense in recruiting a permanent domestic employee with the required skillset. Even more, sometimes you may not be able to bag the ideal workers in your zone for the organization. That’s when you’ll need virtual assistants. Recruiting a VA is almost like contracting a freelancer, and you can get highly effective freelance workers from developing countries at a lot less rate than in already developed countries. Moreover, you can spend some more to get specialized virtual assistants in social media management activity who can easily manage your social media channels on your behalf.

Cons of Virtual Assistants

Data Security:

A major con of recruiting virtual assistants is data security. They prefer to work remotely and you will have to provide them every piece of data from the company. Which isn’t a steady option? When operating on humongous projects, companies have to ensure that there is no data breach or data leak. Yet, calling them can elevate the possibility of data breaches and other issues regarding the data security of the company.

No Direct Control:

Virtual assistants will work remotely and that’s the essential reason that you can never have direct control over them. They are simply freelancers offering their services, and if they don’t find anything good in doing your work, they can even leave in the middle. While employing domestic workers, managers and supervisors can exercise direct control over them as they tend to work from the same premise. When you don’t have direct control and you want some intensive work to be done, awful situations can keep arising.

Communication Problem:

Communication is another vital disservice to recruiting a remote virtual assistant. Organizations regularly employ virtual assistants from various timezones to keep their business clients serviced nonstop. However, individuals from various time regions, have various languages and various outlooks. Hence, it creates problems while performing a specific task and impact your business. Moreover, you cannot organize meetings effectively as when you would be working they might be resting or busy working on other projects.

Having a virtual assistant is an ideal choice for your business as it accelerates growth, increases your customer service, and also boosts your managements’ productivity. Thus it is best to hire a virtual assistant. But while this seems effective, it can also leave you in more stress than ever before if a virtual assistant does some data breach. So be careful, do your research before hiring virtual assistance as they play an important role. 


Author Bio:

Khushali Raval is an Author at Phoneier. Having experience with 5 years of writing about phones and other gadgets. He loves to explore and write different gadgets from android phones to wearable gadgets.



This disclaimer informs you our dear reader that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author, and not necessarily of TechBooky or anyone who works at TechBooky.

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