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The Importance Of A Great Web Design In 2020 And Beyond


When it comes to web design, first impressions are everything! Believe it or not, we only need 0.05 seconds to perform an analysis of the website and decide if we are going to stick around. The latest statistics on website design show that 85% of visitors will leave the site if it features a poor design.
Of course, the number of active websites is growing by the day, which makes it harder to cut through the noise. For that reason, it is imperative to design your site in the best way possible.


Why Web Design Matters So Much?
Well-designed websites are convenient and easy to use. As a result, visitors feel relaxed and comfortable when browsing. Also, these feelings often lead to purchases, which is the primary reason for creating a website in the first place.

If you optimize your site regularly, you could attract 111% more visits. If your website loads fast, you could prevent up to 7% losses in conversions. For instance, if you decrease the loading speed from eight seconds down to two, your conversion rates could increase by 74%!


What Awaits the Web Design Industry in 2020 and Beyond?
The world of the internet is an ever-changing environment, which makes it difficult to predict anything. However, most experts agree that the web design industry will continue to thrive in the years to come. At the moment, the total worth of the web design industry in the US exceeds $38 billion. The sector employs more than 144.000 people.

In 2020, the process of designing a website should become more efficient and convenient.
For instance, WordPress is implementing its Gutenberg project, which could revolutionize the industry. In essence, the so-called block editor is one of the main features of this new system. The technology enables an effortless and super-simple design of web pages.
Likewise, the importance of mobile-friendly websites should not be underestimated. Every self-respecting designer should invest a lot of effort into making the site responsive on mobile devices.


According to stats, as many as 88% of visitors will never come back if they land on a poorly designed website. On the other hand, two out of three people enjoy browsing through a beautifully designed portal.
So, the importance of web design is clear to see. Thus, make sure to implement the latest standards when designing your next project. Sooner rather than later, the time you invested in perfecting the design will start to pay off.

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