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5 Reliable Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Businesses


Small businesses that still have not switched to the cloud are missing out. They are getting left behind by their competitors because work gets done faster in the cloud. By using the cloud to store your files, you free up your hard drive and gain computing speed.

Businesses that started using a shared cloud storage have faster communication and file sharing, as well as faster access to content from any device. If you still have not integrated a cloud storage solution into your SMB, it is not yet late. Check out these 5 useful, secure cloud storage solutions.



Just cloud is easy to use, efficient and offers considerable security. If you use JustCLoud, you will never be without your files. It automatically stores all the files from your computer in its online cloud. You can access your files regardless of the location. In addition, you get unlimited storage space and the ability to sync multiple computers and devices. Furthermore, Just Cloud offers complete data security and technical support.



Carbonite is another excellent solution for small to medium businesses. Data protection, overall accessibility and file recovery are its most useful features. Carbonite also offers unlimited and automatic backup. Carbonite stores all kinds of documents, including spreadsheets, spreadsheets, accounting files and relationship management files.



Although pCLoud is used for personal storage all around the world, it is a great service to suit your business needs as well. You can easily access your stored files from any kind of device, including smartphones, desktops and browsers.

What is so great about pCloud is its cutting-edge security technology. Namely, the company has posted a hacking challenge for anyone who wanted to earn money by hacking into pCloud. There hasn’t been a single hack yet and that should be one of the most important reasons to choose pCLoud for your business needs.

Zip Cloud


Zip Cloud is an app with which you can store all kinds of files with. Once you have installed it, it will work in the background to backup all of your files. Zip Cloud also takes your security seriously, so your files will be encrypted with the kind of security that banks use!

The best thing about it is that it offers unlimited storage. Businesses need a lot of space, so this is very important. Zip Cloud can backup files off any device, so do not worry about files saved on mobile devices. Furthermore, the ease with which you can share files is a breath of fresh air. So, this solution is very much recommended. There is a negative side too, according to reviews it is a bit too old-school, but you be the judge of that. 



Bitcasa is a different type of storage. It basically acts as an external hard drive. Its principle is: “Store once, access anywhere”. You are able to access files from the Bitcasa client itself. Furthermore, all of the files are encrypted because Bitcasa secures them before they even reach its servers. What is great is that you can access your files offline as well.

Cloud storage is one of the essentials when it comes to doing business nowadays. You gotta have it to stay ahead of your competitors and ahead of the technology curve. You will work more efficiently and with much more ease than without it. Try it for yourself and then decide if you want to make a switch, but sooner or later- you will definitely have to opt for a cloud storage service.

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