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This Is What We Know From Android 11 Developer Preview


According to a few enrolled developers, Android 11 comes with a few upgrades over the Android 10 as far as security, the similarity with different screen kinds of mobiles, and the sky’s the limit from there. As a mobile app mockup development company, we bring you the advanced key features of Android 11 below.

Android 11 comes with a few upgrades over the Android 10 as far as security, the similarity with different screen kinds of mobiles, and the sky's the limit from there. #Android11 #Android Click To Tweet


Scheduled dim theme

I will admit: I’m not a devotee of the dark theme on Android. Be that as it may that has nothing to do with the stage or its interpretation of the element – I couldn’t care less for the glaring difference of the look. Additionally, I once in a while, utilize my Android gadget in obscurity. My Kindle remains in a full mode more often than not, so I comprehend the component’s intrigue.

You can either set a custom time or have Android move among dull and light mode dependent on dawn/dusk times in your time zone.


Chat Head bubbles

You must have seen Chat Head bubbles features while using FB Messenger. Numerous in-your-face Android clients have thought about the chance of such an element crawling its way into different applications, and that opportunity has at long last arrived.

With Android 11, the air pockets highlight will advance toward mass rollout. Android iOS developers are educated by Google to use the air pocket API. Bubble features will roll out with Android 11. This is the reason Google asks developers to use the Bubble API. So that when Android 11 launched, the app should consider this tool for development.


Once consent

In Google’s mission to consummate Android security and protection, the organization will launch another alternative in the stage’s authorization framework. In Android 10, there is an option that asks for app permission for all areas. If you allow them only then they app use that particular area. In Android 11, another authorization will show up: Only This Time.

Clients will have the option to concede an application consent to utilize the area once.

Regardless of how the element ends up, at any rate, we realize Google is attempting to improve the security and protection of the stage.


Screen recording

Before Android 11 for screen recording, you have to use some other app like AZ screen recording, but after the launch of Android 11, you no need to install a third-party app.

This screen recording highlight quickly showed up in one of the Android 10 forms, yet immediately vanished. In essence, it is highly unlikely to know whether it’ll pull off a similar evaporating act when Android 11 turns out. Ideally, this time the developers will leave the element in, so clients can take video screen snatches of their gadgets to impart to other people.


Movement Sense signal

This component may be on the Pixel line of gadgets, at any rate, to start with. The element permits you to stop/play with a Motion Sense motion. This will be helpful if you continually need to delay your music to talk with a real human.


Offer Menu sticking

The Android Share Menu has consistently been a state of dispute for me.

I will, in general, offer a chosen few individuals, utilizing a selected few applications, but the Share Menu once in a while, shows the right mix of offers. What’s more, the app I regularly offer is Google Drive; however, Google Drive is continuously covered in the Share Menu until I share with the application being referred to the first occasion when that day. And still, after all that, it can even now get covered.

With Android 11, you’ll at long last have the option to stick applications and alternate routes to the Share Menu. This element quickly showed up in the Android 10 form cycle yet never made it to formal launch.


Airdrop-style record sharing

One of the most exceptionally foreseen features to come to Android in some time is an interpretation of iOS’s Airdrop, called Fast Share (or potentially Nearby Sharing). Right now, developers are working on it to make it easier to use without any bugs. These features will help to share the documents with other Android gadgets.


New APIs

Android 11 is developed using two API one is 5G API, which will work when the client is on a 5G network. This API will make it with the end goal that developers can actuate specific encounters accessible to the stage when, on the quicker, cutting edge organization.

With this, the API can peruse information from a pivot edge sensor to such an extent that applications will have the option to adjust to the edge of the gadget pivot.


Android 11’s Launch Date

Right now, Google has not revealed the Launch Date of Android 11. The designer review for Android 11 was discharged one month sooner than it was for Android 10, so it could be anything but challenging to assume Android 11 may be released a month or so prior.

Also, as all of you have generally expected, that will initially hit Pixel gadgets and afterward gradually turn out to different devices. In this way, if you need first dibs on Android 11, it’s an excellent opportunity to get to a Pixel.



About The Author

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Game Design Development, helping global businesses to grow by Web Development Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/aistechnolabs

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