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Android Users Can Now Access Spaces, Twitter’s Audio Chat Rooms


Twitter launched its audio chat rooms they dubbed “Spaces” towards the end of 2020, exclusively for iOS users. The microblogging media shared tweets bases on its audio chat room’s functionality — on Tuesday, Twitter announced that Spaces would also be available to Android users shortly.

The functionality of Twitter’s Spaces is closely related to the Clubhouse iOS platform. In the wake of 2021, Twitter made the accessibility of Spaces finite to iOS users — the iOS app is functional to listen and join the audio chat room. Meanwhile, only a few iOS users can currently host a live session on Spaces.

According to Twitter comments, they noted that Spaces is more functional as a mock-up version because they made it available to only a feedback group with limited users. They started with a group proportioned for women and another invisible group with a finite user-base centred on the iOS platform.

Nonetheless, the microblogging media company shared a tweet that confirmed its audio feature via Spaces page on Twitter — the Audio chat rooms will be accessible for Android users to join and listen to audio chat just like iOS users.

“Android folks, our beta is growing! Starting today, you will be able to join and talk in any Space. SOON you’ll be able to create your own, but we’re still working out some things. Keep your eyes out for live Spaces above your home timeline,” Spaces shared a tweet.

Conforming to Spaces’ announcement, they did not disclose the exact date they set to integrate Spaces and Twitter for Android users.

In contrast, Android users cannot host chats on spaces, but they can access other features such as listening and speaking during Spaces conversations.

Both iOS and Android users will be able to initiate and access other Spaces’ functions — a Twitter spokesman confirmed this announcement to The Verge.

Lately, Twitter has been hinting about a developed audio chat feature to be fully functional in due time. In the previous month of June, which was also the timeline by which the COVID-19 went viral, Twitter launched another Spaces version they dubbed “Spaces Beta” — the audio tweet that allows users to share messages durable for 140 seconds. This upgrade increase Twitter’s user-base.

The audio tweet’s nature is originally related to the 140 text characters for tweets, which is also exclusive for iOS users. Meanwhile, Twitter launched the audio chat feature exclusive for its India-based users — both iOS and Android users in India could access this feature since February 2021.

According to critics, the microblogging media should also include captions in its voice-based feature, which will also be accessible by persons with minor disabilities such as deaf individuals. However, Twitter noted that they would soon add a caption to its audio and video tweets.

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