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Apple To Influence The Automobile Industry By 2024 With Its Own Developed Battery


Apple has disclosed plans to produce its driverless car technology while developing its automobile battery technology that will serve as a breakthrough in its agenda to foster a passenger vehicle in 2024.

Six years ago, the Silicon Valley tech company commenced its automotive agenda it dubbed Project Titan and started designing its original brand of automobile without using an already made vehicle blueprint. At the early stage of developing its Titan Project, Apple went half-way and held back on the project with the intent to reevaluate its goals before it then decided to focus on its software-based technology.

Doug Field, the previous Tesla employee who led the campaign that urged the advancement for new vehicles laid off roughly 190 staff from his team due to their incompetence in actualizing Project Titan when he visited his team a year before to supervise their productivity.

Ever since the removal of those employees from the team developing its driverless project, Apple has experienced progress in actualizing a passenger vehicle suitable for its customers. Although the iPhone maker is yet to disclose the progress of their automobile project to the public, Apple intends to beat its rival Alphabet which has successfully built its driverless passengers’ vehicle its dubbed Waymo – a robo-taxi that transports passengers via its ride-hailing services.

Apple have also progressively designed its new batteries that would thoroughly boost the efficiency of its passenger vehicle whereas the cost of the batteries is friendly and the proficiency of the battery will also fuel the vehicles range.

Experts believe it is less of a challenge for the iPhone maker to build a passenger vehicle since the multi-trillion-dollar company renowned for producing significant electronic devices with components or chips it takes delivery of from around the world happens to haven’t developed a car yet although they have more than enough resources to realize its Titan project.

Someone from Project Titan said “If there is one company on the planet that has the resources to do that, it is probably Apple. But at the same time, it is not a telephone.”

In contrast to Tesla’s automobile enterprise, it took Elon musk the founder of Tesla over a decade to eventually make his automotive establishment a profit-making venture.

Since the iPhone maker is yet to inform the public about its automobile developments, it is uncertain about who will assemble an Apple branded passenger vehicle.  The company is still dependent on a traditional automobile partner company to finalize building it cars.

However, personnel from within the Titan project suggests that the Apple vehicle will possess a self-driving system integrating the iPhone makers technology with the automaker’s technology rather than marketing an Apple-branded car.

Apple’s brand of passenger vehicles will feature multiple LiDAR sensors – the sensors determine how the car relates with its surroundings, which give a vehicle a three-dimensional view of the road scanning several distances. It is expected of Apple’s Lidar units to subsidize its resources whereby making the desired sensor available for building its car, the same lidar sensor that also featured on its latest mobile device, iPad pro, and iPhone 12 pro.

Although Apple is a newcomer in the automobile industry, it is expected for the iPhone maker to start its car production in 2025 barring any unforeseen circumstances.

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